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Need help for Storm Wizard Gear

Oct 01, 2015
Why hello everybody, I am Vindaz. I am asking about what gear is the best for certain levels as a storm wizard. I may be a low level storm wizard at the moment, but I need help for the future. I am currently in Krokotopia, and I need help on which gear I can get to help me out

-Edward Moonweaver, Level 11

Feb 12, 2013
My advice would be to keep up on crafting quests. Look around for good recipes or go to the bazaar. The bazaar has the best selection, but you should wait a few more levels before actually getting into stats....at level 11 it's not really worth it to look for the best stats.

Nov 09, 2011
Buying for gear in general don't focus on just health i made that mistake on my first character because later in the levels you may be able to take damage but you wont be able to deal damage. try to prioritize damage, power-pip chance, and health (if storm/fire look for accuracy, power-pip chance, health, damage) hope this helps! :D

May 25, 2013
You really don't need to worry about gear right now, just kill enemies with a blade + shield + storm shark combo. If you really want to update your gear, just going to the bazaar and picking up health maxing gear should set you up to victory nearly 100% of the time, but I think dropped gear is more than enough.

Nicholas Lifeblade Archmage
Nicholas Stormblade Adept

Oct 09, 2011
First of all, always pick up every reagent you see on the ground. They'll come in handy later. You can also start crafting if you haven't already, the higher level crafted gear is really good.

I think you'll do fine with dropped gear for a while. I wouldn't waste my gold on gear under level 20, because the stats just aren't very good.
  1. At level 20, go to the Bazaar in Olde Town.
  2. Cross the "Usable" box so only items you can use are listed.
  3. Then click on "School" and "Level". Now you should see level 20 hats of your school at the top of the list. Compare them and buy whatever has the best stats.
  4. Sort, compare and buy the best available robe and boots in the same way.
At level 25, you'll gain access to a dungeon. Speak to Sergeant Major Talbot in The Oasis. Note that you probably won't be able to solo the dungeon, so you should find a team to complete it with, if you even want to complete it in the first place, which isn't at all necessary. The best gear for that level is found there, but you'll have to do the dungeon lots of times to get it, which, in my opinion, isn't worth it, because the gear isn't necessary to survive the next worlds and there's another similar dungeon at level 30. There's also good level 25 gear in the Bazaar.

At level 30, speak to Cyrus Drake. He'll have a quest for you. The questline will lead you to a dungeon, which, again, you probably can't solo. It also has the best gear at the level. Unlike the level 25 dungeon, I'd suggest you complete this one at least once, because you'll get a wand that gives 10% damage, which is really good.

At level 35, there's the Bazaar gear.

At level 40, you gain access to a dungeon in Marleybone, which, again, you don't even really need to complete. There's good gear, which, again, you'll have to farm the dungeon to get.

At level 45, Bazaar again.

At level 50, there's some bosses in Dragonspyre that drop good gear, but farming is annoying. Save level 50 gear for your school if you get any.

running out of space

Oct 09, 2011
continued from my last post

At level 56, there's great crafted gear in a place called Wintertusk, which is an area of Grizzleheim, a side world you can access at level 20. Note that you'll only have access to one area at first, but you'll gain access to more at levels 25, 30 and 40. Wintertusk can be accessed after you complete Ravenscar, which is accessed at level 40, but it's too difficult at that level. You should probably wait until you've access to The Floating Land in Celestia, as you'll probably have gained enough levels, spells and gear to survive in Wintertusk.

At level 60, you'll gain access to three dungeons. You don't need to do them, but if you can find a team for them, I'd suggest you complete them once for the experience. The gear is about as good as the Wintertusk crafted gear, so there's no real need to farm the dungeons if you were able to craft the gear.

At level 66, you can craft more gear, but I suggest you only craft the boots that have boosts for your school and Ice, because they give block rating that you'll need.

At level 70, there's a dungeon, but you don't really need to do it. The gear isn't really worth it.

At level 76, you can craft a better pair of similar boots to gain some minor stat bonuses. If you crafted the your school + Ice boots at level 66, you don't need to upgrade them yet.

At level 86, there's another pair of similar boots, only with better stats. Not very necessary.

At level 90, there's a dungeon. The gear is really rare and not really necessary.

At level 96, there's another pair of boots, but the damage is a lot higher, so I'd suggest you get them unless you want to wait four levels to be able to farm for marginally better boots.

At level 100, there's Darkmoor, where you can find the best gear currently in the game, along with a spell. It's a good place to farm, as the gear is amazing. You can also farm the last boss of Khrysalis for pretty good amulets.

Jul 05, 2010
I'd say don't worry about gearing up until you are at least level 60 or preferably 100 unless you wish to pvp at a certain level.

May 12, 2012
Okay, as for having a low storm myself, here are some suggestions:

(This is all level 5 or 10 + things)

Hat: Hood of Tension (will help your damage a lot, even though it is already pretty good)
Robe: Lord Nightshade's Robe (won or bought easily)
Boots: Windrunners
Wand: Any you see level 5 or 10+
Athame: Amethyst Studded Athame
Ring: Cloudburst Ring
Amulet: Nightshade's Choker (storm has low health, especially little wizards, so a weakness is great back-up if you can't heal atm)
Deck: Novice Storm Deck
Pet: The Halloween ones are good, like a Black Cat or Lightning Bat (especially the bat) dropped from Baron Mordecai

This should boost up your health and some other things. Good luck

~ Allison Dragongem 80

Oct 01, 2015
A bit late since I've reached level 38 now, but it's the thought that counts.

Jul 04, 2012
At that level, its best to go for health. Once you get to Celestia is when it really becomes about accuracy, crit, crit block, resistance, damage, power pips, etc.

Angela Gem, Level 100
Katie GoldFountain, Level 90