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National Disability Awareness Month

Aug 09, 2009
First and foremost I would like to say Wizard101 and Pirate101 are truly magnificent games for the disabled people all across the world. The user interface is the easiest to use from any other MMORPG games to date.

KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. has done wonderful promotions for groups like the Veterans of America and various charity events and game items. There is one group that has been over looked, the disabled. I am a disabled American and many of my friends are as well. In the past I have always asked if there would be a promotion for the disabled. March is National Disability Awareness Month, me and my fellow disabled friends would like to see a spot in the game where we are recognized.

The question I pose to KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. is when can we expect a recognized promotion within the game as do other groups and charities? I myself have played since 2009 and have eight accounts with forty-eight wizards. I have a lot of free time and many of my fellow disabled friends have multiple accounts as well. We cannot wait for new bundle cards to buy in the store, and allot of us are crown users. I myself have bought every area for eight accounts with crowns. Many of the disabled are crown users such as me and some have memberships. I Hope that one day an event or promotion is an added yearly event to celebrant the mass number of users that have disabilities and enjoy playing the various games, including the web based games.

Thank you,

The disabled of the world.


While I can't make any promises about any sort of charity fundraisers or promotions that KI might participate in, I really appreciate your kind words and suggestion.