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Myth, pros and cons?

Apr 27, 2009
I am a Level 46 Conjurer (myth student) and I am very satisfied with myth. However, the level 48 spell and the Earthquake spell disappoint me a little. Personally, I think Earthquake should at least do 450 damage in addition to taking away the shields and charms plus the level 48 spell Orthrus, isnt as effective as the other lvl 48 spells.
Pros of Orthrus:
1. Gives a good "wow" sensation

Cons of Orthrus:
1. Takes many blades and traps to equal up to the other high ranked spells
2. Has two damages, so when a prism is put on, the prism only works for one damage
3. Only affects one any enemy and dosent stun or heal

I am generally pleased with myth, especially the minions and the ability to heal through them but the higher spells are kind of a drag, dont you think?

I am also a life wizard but I plan to switch to Death due to the fact that you can attack and heal at the same time :D

Dec 11, 2008
Yeah, Orthrus and Minotaur (the attack, not the useless minion) are cool with their double hit. THat first hit is very uselful for knocking out any shield they may have and makes room for a great 2nd blow.... but, it takes double traps to make it really effective and that is a major pain sometimes.

Earthquake is really only usefull in PVP or in DS when you're facing the bosses that use the "pox". Humongofrog does way more damage for less pips. I've noticed that sometimes Earthquake will remove more than one "Absorb" shield from one enemy and sometimes it will not. Not sure why that is. Most of the time if I want an absorb shield out of the way, I'll just hit it with a pierce attack for one pip. much easier than saving up for Earthquake or a spell that will do enough damage to use it up.