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Myth or Life?

Dec 18, 2010
Goooood morning (actually evening lol), people of the message boards! Here I am today with another question that might not get answered, or ? I currently have a ,,,, , and on my account. I kinda have been wanting to start a for a while now. However, I wouldn't dare to part with any of my wizards.... except maybe my . I really like the different play styles of each school, but it just seems doesn't really seem to interest me as much as the other schools. Keep in mind my is only at lvl 20 so far.

So what do I want you to do with all this background information? Just give me your opinion on the 2 schools, maybe talk about the good and the bad of each. I would try to figure it out myself, but I admit I'm just an indecisive mess when it comes to these sorts of things. So, what do you think?

(Btw no matter what I end up choosing I am most likely going to solo most of the time.)

Rowan Storywalker, lvl 20 (perhaps former)

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
If you're not enjoying Myth, then it would be fine to delete that wizard and try out Life.

I'd suggest you keep most of the Myth's really good items, including any houses you bought. You can pass one house directly back to the new character through the shared bank. Also keep good pets and any crowns plants that your Myth has.

Alia Misthaven

Jul 18, 2010
Honestly, if your myth wizard is only level 20, then you haven't experienced anything yet. Myth is such a great and powerful school that is often overlooked. It's very tricky too (towards opponents). Myth can basically flip the whole battle with spells like earthquake, which removes all shields and blades from opponents. Shatter removes all shields as well, and then there's pierce. Shields are hardly a problem for myth with spells like these, and others that hit twice like Orthrus and Minotaur. Myth spells like Basilisk and Medusa are not only powerful, but stun too. It's a great school for soloing. Myth is a very strong school with unique capabilities. Also good for pvp, and honestly, myth can be really op at high levels. But seriously, it's a fun and amazing school.

As for life, there comes the obvious advantage of extremely efficient healing of not only yourself, but all of your teammates. The health and power pip chance are very good. The damage is alright, certainly not as major as fire storm or myth. But don't be fooled. Life is certainty capable of more then just healing and supporting. Also, I don't care what anyone says, but I do believe life is good for soloing (at high levels I mean.. Zafaria and up I'd say). I'm not saying that life can't solo at lower levels too, though. Just not as easily due to lack of an AoE spell. My life wizard is currently in Khrysalis and I can do most of those bosses by myself just fine. However, I strongly reccomend you train feint. It will help greatly with hitting harder. Although, every school should eventually train feint at some point honestly. You probably won't find yourself dying a lot as a life wizard. Life is a strong school and shouldn't be taken lightly. It can dish out great amounts of damage too, as well as the next fire or so wizard.. If you are good enough with life

Well, whichever you choose, just know both are super awesome!! (They are both my favorite schools actually)
I'm excited to see what you pick!

Dec 18, 2010
Thanks for helping me decide what class to pick! I've finally decided to go with . However, in hopes that maybe one day we could have a 7th character without creating another account, I'm keeping some gear I had been saving for the higher levels in the shared bank. Thanks again!

Mar 07, 2017
In my opinion I'd go with Myth. Like Stormgem307 said, Myth is a very powerful school-- it has great spells such as Medusa and Orthrus, even the Celestial Calendar, which in my opinion is really cool. Of course in the beginning Myth is boring, i'm not gonna lie. But when you start hitting high levels, with good gear and such it's fun. I've met a lot of Myth wizards before and trust me on this- you won't regret it.

Now Life... It's still an awesome school. One of my siblings have this school, and i like it personally but it's just not my favorite, you know? The healing is fantastic, and when you get on a higher level it's quite powerful in a way. Some of the spells, like Forest Lord, Gnomes! and Rebirth are powerful, but when you get on higher levels such as 100, the spells are weak in a way. Like Wings of Fate, it's weak when you are a high level. But i'm not telling you to not try out Life, try it out if you want. Everyone of course has different preferences. And there are tons of pros and cons to both schools, but this is just to name a few. Try out Life, and if you like it play it

Good luck!

Julia Goldheart