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Myth or Balance

Jun 28, 2009
Ok i am a level 10 necromancer ( death wizard ) And was wondering what would be a better second school for me be, myth or balance. This is what I think about them both:

Myth: Pretty high attack spells ,good AoEs
Balance: ok attack spells good charms and wards but it gives the target pips( why doyou want to do that?)

Also dont say life or anything else besides myth or balance cuz death spells do a lot of healing and i got a friend who is a healer. If you could answer thatd be great

Mar 12, 2009
Well, in my opinion i believe out of myth and balance, balance would be the best choice. The reason why i say that is because myth is based on attack and as death you have all the attack spells you need with healing. Myth just gives you extra creatures that will most likely just get in your decks way. With balance you got some decent buff and debuffs you may use to make your opponent lose guard and attack while you work on destroying him with your death spells. I myself have a death character and i chose fire as my second class. I never use my fire cards at all because death does all the work for me. With death its better to get a class with support spells then with attack. Also don't forgot to get the tri blade spell when you reach level 25 at the krokosphinx balance tree. Hope this helps and good luck.