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Myth ain't weak

May 22, 2011
Ok, ok, I just started a Myth wizard, and although I may only be level 12, Myth isn't as weak as the Pyromancer might state! Indeed, playing as Myth might be a real tough time for the first 95 levels, but what's a good game without a little challenge, eh? It all depends on your game style:

Fire Wizards live in the motto: "Attack Now, and we'll see where were at" So they stack multiple DoT (Damage over Time) spells on the enemy to slowly burn him to ashes...

Ice Wizards always say: "Hit Me" They are the Tanks, hence, taunt. It most certainly good to have one in a battle for defense reasons.

Storm Wizards often say: "Damage now, defense later" They just want a nice clean kill on the enemy, that's all.

Life Wizards sing: "The name says it all" Masters of Healing, they're always good to have in a fight, for your little slip-ups.

Death Wizards say(To manly to sing): "What's yours is mine" They steal to support, and they do a rather fine job with damage, too.

Balance Wizards clearly shout: "If we were all just friends" Masters of all, super powerful, except around there own kind, they're usually good with attacks, and very good at buffs

But Myth? Sure they struggle, but you gotta be built for the disappointment. They find there strength not with friends, but with wise beasts there to aid them. If that's not good enough for you, let me summarize:
Myth is a school where you summon minions, take it or leave it.

There, I hope I've opened up some eyes.

-The General

May 22, 2009
Actually myth wizards say "ha ha, you actually used a shield."

I have two accounts with a myth wizard on each. It happens to be my favorite school.

IMO myth takes more strategy than the other schools, which is one of the reasons I like it.