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Mysterious Chat Messages

Dec 16, 2008
I'm annoyed. Somehow, even if I'm not their friend, people send me text chat messages. The ones that only friends are supposed to be able to send you and only you can see. I've never been friends with these people either!Today, for example. I was offering to take people who couldn't get to Celestia by themselves to the Base Camp, and a mysterious person said that Celestia was lame! I don't even know how they do this. Is it a cheat or what?

Someone please answer!

Aug 08, 2010
If you click on a players name in the chat history window, it will pull up the options menu you can access from your friend's list. Then you can click on text chat and send a private message. There might be an option to not accept text messages from non-friends. Not sure, I can't check atm.

May 20, 2010
No it is not a cheat. They've changed it so that if you say anything in the chat that can be seen by everyone (not group chats or text chat with friends), other people can click on your name and send you messages. Same as if you are in a battle and someone running by says something, you can actually look at their gear now while you are battling (I speak from experience); whereas, you couldnt do that before.

Sep 26, 2009
Its when the people right click your name in their chat box and then they can still txt chat you. Its not a bug or a glitch. (i think)

Mar 14, 2009
Well, it seems that you are referring to True Friend Chat when you were talking about only friends being able to talk to you. If you have regular text chat however, anybody can post to you, even people that aren't your friend, if they click on you then click on text chat. I hope that clears it up!

See ya in the Spiral,
Tyler Summertail Grandmaster Prymonancer

Mar 18, 2010
They spoke to you by right clicking your name in the text box. Right click can be used on anyone who simply speaks out loud.

KI thought the "R" button was allowing players to harass other players. "R" worked only after you responded to someone else. It use to allow people to speak over multiple characters.


Aug 12, 2009
you can Right Click on a person's name in the chat log to send a direct message to them.

Sep 27, 2008
If you are in the same area as the person who said something to you, even if they dont know you, they can see what you say in their chat window if you are talking to someone else. They can then right click your name and make a comment on what was said. Is it harrassment? NO! Only if they say something rude.

Kaitlyn Jadestrider
Legendary Life