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My Wizard101

Jan 10, 2009
How come when I play Its loading and when I'm in my screen where you can pick/create characters Its like Brownish Blackish I can see my characters but not the color Only Brownish Blackish.Please Help Me :( Idont know how to screen shot and Minimize screen Help!!

Sep 15, 2008
You may want to check that your video card drivers are updated, and that your computer has the proper hardware requirements.

Also, be sure to check the Help & Support link to the left for the FAQ and Knowledge Base. If you can't find your answer in any of those, and you've updated your video card drivers, then send in a support ticket by clicking the "Contact Us" button at the top of the Knowledge Base Webpage. If you send in a ticket, be sure to include a DXDiag (Press Start, select 'run', type in 'dxdiag' in the box, click 'Save All Information', save it to a spot you will remember, and then attach it to your support ticket) so that the support people can properly diagnose your issue.

Hope this helps you,
-Cody SpellShard