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My views on Wizard 101

Jul 04, 2009
First let me say that i've played several mmo's and i', having a very good time playing this one. It's a simple and funny game.

The schools of magic are well thought out but i believe there should be some more spells, for example i know Myth school is the solo school and has the most minions but why only one minion for the others? how about one support/defense type minion and a offense type minion for each?

Crafting is interesting, however why have waiting times between items? a couple minutes is ok but 3 hours? Also there should be a way of crafting a card into an item, or adding hp/mana as well choosing the final color of the items you're making.

The cost of coloring your clothes/pet is way too high, i have no idea why it cost so much.

Pets are cute, however i believe they should do something more than just standing there. Have them boost your hp regeneration, a mana regeneration, boosting your attack/defense, something like that.

Now my biggest annoyance in this game (and all mmo's in general) is a lack of replayability, what i mean by this is that i start one character, level him up doing quests. If i decide to make a new character i'm going to do the exact same quest all over. Outside from the school quests and a change in tactics because of the new school all else is the same, wich simply bores me.
I'm not saying all quests should be different but at leats 30% of them should, that way replayability would be fun.

All in all it's a fun game, needs a bit more variety (maybe adding a new school, new spells in the next world) but i'll probably play it for a good while.

May 09, 2009
1. Each school has its own abilites and style. Myth may have 4 but Death as 14 in one spell and Balance I believe gets 2. Some schools such as Life are more defensive and have a defence minion. Some like fire are more offence.

2. Well your hands would be tired if you crafted all day :) You can change the color at the dye shop. It doesn't cost too much for items that aren't worth much.

3. Some pets do that such as the Myth Ghoul and Jade Oni. The Jade Oni even gives you a card!

4. Well if the storyline quests were changed too much the storyline would be altered in some way. One person might have a fun and exciting storyline yet another having a boring one. This wouldn't be fair and I would be a pain to help people.

Just my defense one W101 :)

-Marcus Legendcrafter LVL 37 LIFE Storm
-Talon Mythcrafter LVL 14 MYTH Death