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My thoughts on fishing & fishing related items...

Aug 21, 2013
Okay, love that there is something new to do but being the picky person that I am, I have a few concerns I would like to bring up.

1. Why only a flat 10 point boost to energy when those 10 points can't help you catch more than three fish? For those who garden and/or train pets, energy is scarce to begin with. I understand the idea of wanting people to spend crowns on energy (25¢ a pop) but that's being kind of aggressive on it. Fix it so that the amount of increased energy is more for higher level wizards (keeping the 10 already added). Instead of one energy for every two levels, keep that and also add in one energy for every five levels. So someone who advances from (say) level 40 to level 50 would get seven energy instead of only five. I believe that would balance out the new drain on energy while also selling off plenty of energy elixirs. After all, if people get more energy for the purchase, they are more likely to buy it. I use up quite a bit of energy, so it's not like the few extra will give me too much.

2. When I use the utility spell to reveal the fish schools, I think the fish that are revealed should remain revealed, at least for a few minutes while I am fishing. To see them revealed but then fade away is like a smack in the face because I may be after one specific school and a few among a larger group is hard to keep track of. Requiring me to use it over and over again to track the same fish is an unfair drain on energy (back to that again). Keeping it fair though, any NEW fish that show up shouldn't be revealed until the spell is used again. Just those that are revealed should somehow remain revealed for a few minutes, perhaps with the colors fading away over time.

3. The aquariums are frustrating. Each can only hold ONE fish? What about an aquarium that can hold several fish? I can put multiple music scrolls into a music player but I can only put one fish into an aquarium. Wouldn't be so bad if the price (or crafting needs) weren't so high, but one fish each doesn't justify where it's at now. Please increase the limit each tank can hold and/or reduce the price (or recipe needs).

4. The spawn rate is annoying. I go to fish for a certain species and after I get all of the fish from that school, I have to wait awhile before I can try again. Changing realms doesn't help. I hope this is just a bug or something because it's frustrating to catch a few (not necessarily the species I'm after, just the school type) and then have to wait at least an hour before I can try again.

5. Back to energy elixirs. For the quests, instead of just instantly refilling the wizards energy or activating the minor luck elixir, give it to the wizard to use when desired. Wizard may still have plenty of energy to use or might want to do other things (while luck elixir runs down).

Don't get me wrong, overall I like it. It opens up possibilities, just it needs to be less money hungry and more wizard friendly. Thanks.

Aug 21, 2013
Couple of other things to add on.

First, when fishing anywhere (most noticeably in the Commons), make those fishing immune to witnessing any new spells that people are getting. For example, when fishing in the commons and then suddenly Seraph or Judgment shows up, being forced to turn to watch/notice prevents the fisher from seeing their lure. If it starts to bob or if it goes underwater, then except for pure luck of pressing the space bar at the right time, the fish will get away. This actually happened to me and it's not like we can turn while fishing, otherwise I might have been able to turn back to look at my lure. Considering this can cost someone energy, it is imperative that someone fishing not be assaulted with that forceful turn. Same with anywhere else that this could happen.

Second, the number of times that a lure can bob before going underwater is ridiculous. I do my best to be somewhere that I can target a particular fish with little to no risk of another fish getting so close to me that it gets scared off. However, sometimes it's necessary to be somewhere that it can happen and so I try to be somewhere that it doesn't look like any fish will be going. Surprise surprise though when the fish I'm targeting notices the lure and bobs it like six times before I can pull it in and during that time another fish (that I was going to go after) has made an unusual turn and headed straight in my direction and gotten close enough to swim away so it's no longer available. Once or twice (at an unusual MOST) is one thing but I swear one of these times it's going to bob for like a few dozen times. Okay maybe not quite that extreme but if you want to compare to real life fishing, I can throw a lure a much further distance and not worry a fish is going to stroll up onto land to notice me and scurry off. So I get some of the 'patience' factor, but that's going overboard. (I really did count six bobs a few times, just saying.)

Okay that's all for now. :)