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my son is no longer on my friends list??????

Mar 21, 2009
last night me and my son played together and he was on my friends list last night, he is no longer on my friends list today. i re-added him and when either of us try to teleport to the other one, it says no longer on friends list how can that be since we have re-added each other twice now. i have checked to make sure that we are on the same server and in the same area but still it says we are not on friends list. can some one help, also can some one tell me please how to form a team for easier questing together? thanks in advanced

We are experiencing some quirks with the Friends lists right now, and we're still working on figuring out why this is happening.
Keep your son on your friends list and don't remove him, we hope to have a fix in really soon. Stay tuned to our Message boards and Ravenwood News for updates.

Oct 17, 2008
All this friend's list stuff is kind of scary... It seems like things like this have been happening to a lot of people. My family has been fortunate enough to not have this happen, but I am almost afraid to play the game for fear that this may happen to me. Some of my greatest friends are ones I could not get back if I lost them. Luckily, my sister and I have mostly the same friends, so if I lost one then she could teleport to them so I could see them. I hope you get this fixed very soon.

You'll be interested to know that the Friends List issues have been addressed in our March 26th update.
Read this page for more information.