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My son is crying and so is my pocket book

Jun 30, 2009
Well, I kind of agree with you, and kind of don't.
I will start of with when I don't agree with you:
A: Your kid cries when he doesn't get a virtual horse? I may be just a teenager, but you need to toughen up as a parent.
B: KI needs the money for updates like Celestia
C: You don't have to have mounts to play the game you know.

A: I agree with you that the mounts are over priced.

Jun 13, 2009
Well seems you all think crown items are overpriced, I share that sentiment as well, however, you need to suggest to KI what you think is a reasonable price for crown items. Personally I think that given the fact that the game is not free to play then items that cost money should not cost more that US$15.00 (real money).

Here is a thread I posted on wizard101 about this same isssue. Please visit and add your comments.


I know some people may say, you don' have to get mounts or you can farm this boss or that. But what's the point of putting something in game if all players (except free) do not have an equally fair access to them? We all pay a subscription and should be able to enjoy everything in the game. I think players who subscribe should not be paying crowns for anything, that's for crown or free players. You subscription should give you access to everything.

I mean yearly subscription cost almost $80.00 but in Game crown items could cost you 5 times that amount!. Sure I would like to be travelling around on a dark flamewing or some other mount but I can't afford a subscription and crowns and the same time. My salary does not allow it. Even to get boss drops cost crowns! Oh well, what can we do about it anyways lol.

We recognize that not everyone can purchase Crowns which is why we have made it so that items that do not shortcut the game (such as Henchmen, Elixirs etc) are available also for Gold and/or are found as drops off creatures in the Spiral.

Subscribers can complete the entire game without spending a Crown. Crowns allow you to make your Wizard more powerful faster, or obtain items such as houses and mounts sooner, but they are in no way critical to progressing in the game.

There are alternate ways of obtaining most Crowns items that do not require paying with Crowns. It's a matter of Time vs Crowns - you can spend time in the game to earn the gold or win the item as a drop, or you can purchase the item with Crowns.

Exceptions do exist of course, including Stitching (putting the stats of one item onto the appearance of another), and Respec (turning in your secondary school cards for the Training Points back) but these are cosmetic and/or optional services.

Players can earn Crowns through the Invite a Friend Program.
Go to https://www.wizard101.com/game?context=iaf .
Follow the instructions and you're well on your way to Earning Crowns that will allow you to purchase Premium areas of Wizard101.