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my question about earthquake

Nov 14, 2020
hey guys i have a question why is earthquake the only spell in the game that removes all baldes and shields and why is myth the only school that gets such a spell why not removed and make medusa an aoe and why stuns medusa for 2 turns when you look ate her face erveryone should be stunned please remove earthquake or change it it's so annyoing in pve fighting mthy notably in later worlds

Aug 20, 2008
Myth is the toolbox school. It does several things that other schools have difficulty doing or simply cannot do. Yeah, it's annoying to play against, even for a myth wizard, heh. But, the answer is not to eliminate myth school enemies or nerf them into generic bags of stats that are easy to pummel. The answer is to have KI give different schools answers to those enemies or to team with someone who has those answers.

The downside of Earthquake is that it also removes all of the traps and negative charms on every enemy. It's not 100% upside, even for the PvE enemies, who frequently are stupid about casting it and eliminating all of their own buffs/debuffs in the process.

Jan 18, 2010
As it relates to Earthquake and later worlds, many myth mobs will use hummongofrog, Medusa, Orthrus [sometimes the previous version that is a double hit] and shadow spells instead.

Earthquake? Not so much.

That is just more so extremely common in worlds such as Zafaria.

There are also many other spells that removes charms and shields such as shatter [removes all shields], enfeelble [removes all charms].

Just because you may have an issue with a spell doesn't necessarily it means it should be nerfed. I feel some of us overuse the 'nerf' word until it seems to be getting played out.

Explore strategies to counter the spell and improve gameplay.