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My opinions on the gear design in 2020 and recent years

Nov 25, 2012
(Im not going to make this a long post so Im just going to write my point down)

Recent years I have felt Kingsisle has been trying design trendy gear that would "sell in the market "instead of wizard101 gear that fits the game.

I am talking about for example- some of the new bundle gear, packs gear and gameworld gear, like the empyrean gear. In my opinion they don't match the game gear and I miss the times when they used to make more fancy wizardly outfits and wands. It doesn't have to be sparkly, it just fits the game more because it more wizardly magical looking than the gear we have now, and it makes me sad. But they did made some gear recently I do like- the paradox gear (which I like allot) and the new birthday pack gear , and the proffesor hoard pack, and the beginner school bundle gears. I'd like to see more necromancer wizardly magical gear like those, and less than what we have now.