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My opinions on game play

Aug 10, 2010
Players seem to be getting more offensive all the time. I have a theory on why that is. I blame the aggressive behavior on PVP matches. I don’t really even see how it fits in to W101 at all. It fosters the "I can kick your butt attitude that has become so prevalent. It breeds aggressiveness just by the nature of the game. It has no place in W101. As advertised, this is supposed to be a place for us all to gather and make friends; to have fun in a family atmosphere, joining together to achieve a common goal. Trying to kill each other in PVP doesn't seem to fit in with that philosophy. The attitudes carry over to the game itself where it has become every man for himself and “I’m so much stronger (better) than you." If that’s the kind of game you want to play then please go play one of those types of games. There are obviously plenty of other immature players out there to join you. Leave the rest of us boring, family oriented players to our quests, gardening and crafting. Please KI, get rid of PVP and the attitudes that come with it. Of course that’s just my opinion.... Keeping newer players from accessing advanced worlds before their time is another problem for another discussion.

Mar 12, 2010
I agree about the aggressiveness in the game. But if KI takes PVP away (which I seriously doubt they will), then all of those aggressive players will be right back in the mainstream game.

So let them stay in PVP.

If I run into someone like this, I have choices. I can change realms, or just leave the area (teleport home or to the Commons). I try not to let them ruin the game for me. I like it too much.

In the meantime, have a very magical day !

Jennifer GoldenHeart

Sep 08, 2008
I understand exactly where you are coming from.

Unfortunately, the favorite hobby/pastime/games/activity of like 70% of all Americans is killing. Most of everybody that plays any kind of mmo, regardless of what genre of game, play it to do only one thing. Kill others, and see how many people they can kill for the resulting ego-trip. Hence, the PvP. KingsIsle probably knows about this, and also know that the majority of subscribers will subscribe due to PvP. And those that don't play mmo's will play other games like halo and war games, which center around only one thing. Killing others.

Also, another thing that makes people snots is their capped level. Most people that have very high or capped levels will tend to let things get to their heads and think a bit too highly of themselves. Nothing wrong with a bit of pride and sense of accomplishment, bit most will get carried away. They in turn dont stop and think, so they will be completely oblivious and ignorant of their own behavior.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that will change about that, ever. The human race has yet to evolve another step before that happens.