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My Guide to help others in the hunt for Antiquity

Oct 14, 2012
Antiquity. Such a beautiful reagent in the game. But when you need to get a 100 of it for the secret badges in the game how does one acquire so much in so little time? You could just run around the wandering deserts of Mirage hoping to see the gleam of some antiques laying about OR you could follow my simple and easy guide to get yourself 100+ antiquity in a little over an hour. The only pre-requisites are that you must have the THIEVES DEN unlocked or have a friend to port you there.

First of I may say that this is not particularly a guide for lower level Wizards being that you must have Mirage or a way to get to Mirage and also that you cant use Antiquity in crafting until you are a high level crafter anyway. But if you want to farm for it, by all means. Here is all you have to do.

Step 1: Go to Caterwaul. This can be done 2 ways. The first being you can use the flying carpet which will bring you out close to the House Tabbi and House Purrzian. Next make your way up the slopes until your in the canyons. The other way is to walk to the Caterwaul and walk straight through the sand pillar area until you see Scaly Trengil.

Step 2: Once there you will see some Scaly Trengil and a Dromel named AMAHL. There is a small canyon to the right of her, that is where you must go. You will see Prickly Dire Bears and a boss Walking around. Turn right again and you will see a lantern hanging near a sandstone wall. Run up to the wall on the right side of the lantern and BOOM! Welcome to the thieves den.

This is where everything gets very simple. The thieves den is packed full of reagents and chests. There is always 2 antiquity laying around if you are in a "Perfect" realm. All you have to do now is this.

Step 3: Pick up all reagents and wooden chests including the antiquity. By the time you have done this it will have been about 55 seconds to a minute giving you just the right amount of time to now switch to another "Perfect" realm. Repeat the process however many times and you are guaranteed 2 antiquity each time unless a very rare occurrence happens and that is if in a perfect realm there is another player in there and they have already collected the items, that is very rare though and in the entire time I did it I saw 1 person in there and they had not picked up any reagents anyway.

There ya have it, took me a little over an hour to get all 100 but it is easily the fastest way to do it and the less painless. Hope the guide helps some people with their search for Antiquity and happy hunting. :)

Aug 08, 2015
This is an awesome guide/idea! If you really want the antiquity, another way you can get it is to go to Thieves Den. There are usually about 3 or 4 of them there at a time. Then just keep switching realms, you should get the required amount of antiquity pretty quick and easy.

Aug 08, 2015
OH my goodness, you said all that already. Ignore me, I am a terrible focuser.

Mar 25, 2011
Thanks for the tips! This is great!

Hope to see you all in the Spiral!
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