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Ms Greyrose's Office

Oct 20, 2012
Hello everyone! I was just curious about that huge ice sculpture (or whatever it is) in Ms Lydia Greyrose's Office. It looks like some gigantic teleporter??? I don't know! Is it for Ice Wizards t d their assignment r something? Thanks!

May 15, 2009
that 'ice sculptor' as you call it is how other young wizards begin their journey into the land of Khrysalis.

Once you have completed Azteca you will go through that portal which will take you to a fragment of Khrysalis that broke off from that world a long time ago and it is here that you will fashion yourself the key to Khrysalis

Aug 25, 2013

later on after you complete Azteca, that arc will be used to take you to Isle De Arachnis (or something like that) where you become a "Honorary Council of the Light" member and prepare to venture into Khrysalis. This probably won't happen until you are about level 90 give or take a few levels.

John RavenCatcher - lvl95
John StormWalker - lvl95
John DragonPyre - lvl55
John FrostShard - lvl58

"Bambi is my old name.
Now.. Now they call me Deer Knight."

Oct 20, 2012
Oh, ok. Thanks guys. Makes sense. At least I vaguely identified it as a teleporter, with doubt. Again, thankyou