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Mrs. Greyrose, I have question for you!

Aug 17, 2010
I was wondering how you decided to become the ice teacher? I think you make a great ice teacher seeing as how you seem to have a lot of experience. :D You're firm yet I can tell you get excited when I learn newer and higher spells. So ultimately what moved you to become the ice teacher? And how do you get along with Professor Falmea and the other teachers? Just curious.

Myrna Dragon
Master Thaumaturge ~ Level 48

May 15, 2009
I know enough to answer
As a child Professor greyrose grew up in candy world
she had 2 evil sisters who liked to cook children in their pots of doom
so she started learning ice magic
she started putting the fires out under the pot and helping the kids escape
that's where her journey as a thaumaturge started
from there.. I am not truly sure she may have to answer that