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Most helpful/useful spells

Feb 16, 2010
So, I have been uses a trick with Dark Pact lately(I will talk about it in a moment) and it got me to thinking: what are the most useful spells? So, I want to hear what you guys think. Say what your top few spells are and why you think they are so handy. I'll start:

(in to particular order)
1. Dark Pact. I get this spell from a clothing item( my boots I think) and I have found it SO useful when a have something on that decreases damage. I use it, giving less damage to myself and get a 35%(the version I have is 35%) damage increaser! It's awesome.
2. Polymorph tree (I forget what it's really called). This spell is great. If I'm low on health, just use it, heal myself, heal my fellow wizards(if I am fighting alongside any), do a plus 50% for healing (in some cases it's a bad idea and I don't do it), and get some healing lights and absorb shields on myself. Maybe even the spell with the hand through the clouds with my enemies have lots of pips and blades.
3. Blades. A total given. Increases ALL damage from that spell. It's great.
4. Sun damage spells. My deck is stuffed with these. A no-loss-of-round type of spell that increases damage, makes other damage increasers all the better, and allows even more devastation.

Those are some of my favorites, I hope you enjoyed this, and I want the hear from you!

Blaze Battle Dreamer 72

Feb 18, 2010
No particular order:

1) Blades, self-explanatory
2) Feint, this has helped me so much when fighting them bosses with some insane health. This spell is just amazing
3) Tower shield, only way to block against balance as well as a really useful shield which will block any attack :P
4) Vengeance, this has helped me a lot as a life wizard. Critical healing? can't go wrong with that.
5) Gargantuan/Colossal, self-explanatory
6) Fortify, this spell helped me A LOT on my storm. With my low health and 30% resist this takes me to 45% resist. VERY useful for fighting bosses on storm wizards. This spell has saved my life many times
7) Sharpen blade/Potent trap, this gives you the opportunity to put DOUBLE the amount of blades/traps you already put on yourself as well as a 10% boost to the next set of blades/traps
8) Satyr, self-explanatory

Sep 05, 2010
Tower Shield, Blades in general, Weakness, and pretty much any spell that attacks all enemies.