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Most Annoying Spells?

Sep 20, 2017
As I quested throughout the worlds of the spiral, I've come to realize some of the most annoying spells to be hit with from each schools. Mine were:

Balance - Weakness!
Death - Death Ninja Pigs!
Myth - Earthquake & Medusa
Fire - Efreet
Life - Rebirth! o:
Ice - Stun
Storm - Sirens!

What's yours?

Dec 26, 2016

Honestly, it came to a point where I actually preferred myth minions rather than do a bunch of storm minions. Think about it, Earthquake needs 6 pips. If the myth minions start out with 6 pips, there's still a chance they could hit you with smaller attacks, or Minotaur. Even if they DID use Earthquake, it's the first round so you probably don't have that many blades up yet anyways.

But with Enfeeble....ARGH. Unlike Earthquake, it only costs 3 pips, meaning it could hit you with Enfeeble at ANY TIME. Combine this with the fact that Storm spells are pretty strong without any blades, some of which have accuracy debuffs, and you got the most annoying mob/boss fight ever.

Also, having a death wizard in every world past Wintertusk makes you dread myth mobs even more than the average wizard because of the Myth Imp. The song it plays and the death dispel will greet me at the gates of Tartarus.

Jan 18, 2010
I must say, I agree with most of the spells you suggested here as I'm sure we all can share our horror stories of how these spells devastated our wizards...for life I:


- Power Nova!
Mana Burn!
All are annoying!

- Death Ninja Pigs - Honestly, I'm just tired of seeing these pigs trying to be acrobats

- Medusa - When I see this spell, I just use it as a bathroom break.
Earthquake - For obvious reasons
Myth Imp - Life and Death Wizards can relate to this struggle!

- Goat Monk/Forest Lord - Animation is just too long.

- Tower Shield - Very annoying
Stun - Annoying too, especially when you're about to kill.

- 1000 hitting Wildbolts - Seems this spell hardly hits the 10 or 100 mark anymore.
Sirens/Leviathan - Storm mobs show little chill.

- Efreet - Annoying, especially when you predict wrong and hit right into one.

Jul 09, 2012
Literally Loremaster is the most annoying spell in the game in all honesty. I am sure many can agree to that xD

Aug 23, 2016
Earthquake, Earthquake, Earthquake and Earthquake.

Did I mention I hate being hit with Earthquake?

Steven Ghoststalker

Nov 12, 2017
Yes! True! Stun is super annoying when you're about to kill, because it gives your opponent the chance to heal.

Savannah FoeHeart
Level 37 Magus Thaumaturge

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
Spells I hate to love (as in, love them in my spell deck but do not adore being on the business end)

Loremaster and Mana Burn
(Especially when paired with Power Nova and/or Weakness plus shield spam. All of it combined is enough to make me scream.)


With all the weakness spam in higher worlds, I've actually come to cherish Earthquakes.
(Medusa doesn't bother me because I pack stun shields and Conviction, and yeah. She's the reason why I pack stun shields and Conviction.)

Totally agree the Myth Imp is pure evil when aimed at Life and Death wizards.

Sirens and/or Glowbug Squall
(Especially when paired with Wild Bolt spamming and Enfeeble. Here, take my blades. And my health. And my wallet. First born? Sure, why not. Just take everything and leave me with my head spinning. It's only round three and I'm dead already but hey, I'm not bitter....)

(Years later I still have nightmares of Darkmoor's Sir Blackwater and all those Lulu's we faced.)

Smokescreen and Virulent Plague

Lord of Winter used to be the bane of my Aztecan existence. So glad I don't run into that spell much anymore.

Alia Misthaven
Rowan Ashcloud

May 11, 2015
I hate the Myth frog spell. It takes longer than Meteor and Blizzard. I just use the time to gossip with my friends lol

Madison FirePyre

Nov 21, 2013
AquaPhoenix223 on Dec 10, 2017 wrote:
I hate the Myth frog spell. It takes longer than Meteor and Blizzard. I just use the time to gossip with my friends lol

Madison FirePyre
I agree with this. It's not even that I dislike the animation or concept, I'm just tired of extremely long spell animations. It's understandable for higher ranked spells, but it drives me crazy considering Frog is one of Myth's most used spells for the majority of the game and farming. There are only a few spells I love with long animations. Anyway, I'd say Sirens, Forest Lord, Loremaster, Death Ninja Pigs, Beguile, and anything with a stun are among the most annoying for me to face.

Apr 14, 2017
weaknesses - i'm a very slow attacker, and i tend to think more before i attack, and i try to get the most out of my damage, and it annoys me whenever i have to pause to use a wand spell to get rid of it, especially if i have a blade from a bladestorm or a balance blade. and god help me if my wand spell is the same school as my school

also, does anyone have any strategies as to defeating your enemies quicker?

rebirth - as i love using this spell as i have a level 54 life on another account, it's very annoying when the opposite team uses them. not only does it give them a pretty good amount of health, it also uses a spirit armor. then i'd have to try to get rid of the armor before attempting to kill them.

earthquake - what i hate about earthquake is, unlike enfeeble, it does damage as well as taking away your blades and shields. so if you used this spell on me, not only would you be taking some of my health, but all those blades i put so many rounds into putting them on at least i have myth dispels

i don't really have anything for this.. maybe, beguile?

efreet - nothing is better than having a lot of health taken from you and having a -90% weakness put on you

tower shields and stuns - like i said with the balance one, i hate having to pause and wait to attack until the tower shield is gone. as for stuns, the enemies have the perfect timing. they stun right when i'm about to attack

enfeeble - this spell only cost 3 pips, so you could literally spam enfeeble on people. i would get so mad, because i wait to attack until i have a decent amount of blades.

so yeah, these are just spells that get to me often.

May 20, 2012
mana burn ,loremaster
winter moon ,abominable weaver,
bad juju ,deer knight
efreet , king artorious ,
earthquake ,medusa ,basilisk
hungry caterpillar ,
wildbolt ,glowbug squall, enfeeble ,sirens
shrike(when used against you)

Dec 08, 2016
Loremaster (the weakness and the mantle are a little overpowered), Mana Burn (nothing more irritating than getting hit with your precious pips), Gaze of Fate (the double hit and the added bubble...your life flashes before your eyes)
Abominable Weaver (the -75 shield...need I say more?), Winter Moon (an Aztecan dinosaur stunning you and you fear for your life next turn ), Reindeer Knight (it may be great for Ice wizards, but to many Death wizards it has been a slap to the face. Deer Knight has always been something special, distinctive and unique only to us, and for a long time, Death needed a more powerful AoE, hence why we've been given this and why it's always been something special to us. Ice is already overpowered as it is, Life should have been given RK instead.)
Bad Juju (it's been abused too much), Beguile (feels good when you use it, but not when it's being used against you in team PvP lol ), Plague & Virulent Plague (the weakness spam for days )
Efreet (the massive damage it deals and the added -90 weakness are too much), Smokescreen (makes tourneys a fizzle festival)
Earthquake (I shouldn't have to say too much about this spell ), Medusa (the double stun is terrifying)
Guardian Spirit (makes Life wizards immortal ), Hungry Caterpillar (the absorb gives me a headache lol)
Sirens & Glowbug Squall (goodbye blades, it's been nice knowing you), Wild Bolt/Insane Bolt (these chance-based spells constantly brings you to the edge of your seat)
Shrike (the spell that changed PvP forever), Dark Nova (the new Empyrea bosses have become frightening considering the fact that they're using this spell now)