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Most annoying fights in the game?

Mar 09, 2018
Concept is simple: just post your most annoying battle you've encountered.

Here's one that I'm sure many of you thought you got out of your nightmares:

Mavra Flamewing in the Plaza of Conquests. She's the one with those Protection Pox that spam shields and absorbs.

A+ Student
Aug 03, 2014
Ours was probably the last battle on our first run of Tower of The Helephant. We'd all just reached that level and went in with an ice wizard friend who decided to keep putting up Balefrost and heal us with sprite instead of spamming blizzard to kill the minions lol. We were both life wizards so didn't need him healing and didn't have a low pip multi-hit, our roles were decided before we went in....those blizzards every round the minions were there was brutal with the Balefrost and we had to start over several times lol

IDK why he insisted on doing it his way even though it was killing us over and over but he did and it was seriously arduous getting through it. Sweet guy, nice friend but terribly frustrating decisions in that battle!

Oct 13, 2014
The LoreMaster in the Atheneum for sure, much like Mavra Flamewing she has the pox setup as well as spamming enormous spells.
But it's worth it!

Blaine GoldenHaven Lvl56

Aug 23, 2016
The first time we meet Belloq. That one took me more than a few times even with a full party.

Tower of the Helaphunt, I have yet to get beyond the first fight.

Steven Ghoststalker

Aug 03, 2016
Dec 26, 2016
I have an entire list of annoying bosses but the one that takes the cake is pre-nerf Medulla.

I heard that he's not that bad now, but when he was still in beta and the few months after, he was the worst boss ever.

Imagine going in expecting that the fight would probably be an hour at worst. But then have that turn into 3 HOURS WITH NO END IN SIGHT.

There was even a point where I was under his confusion cheat. I thought I could just pass and wait it out. But no, instead I end up casting Dr. Von's Monster and killed my teammate who was going to hit that turn.

Worse yet? Dr. Von wasn't even in my hand and I had no pips for it. And casting it resulted in my pips emptying out.

He may be nerfed but unless you hold me at wand-point, I'm not going back there until my ice wizard has to do it.

Amber Dreamflower 125
Amber Frostflower 86

Aug 06, 2017
though i have never been past dragonspyre (and heard the woes of bosses past there), every single time i get into a battle with a balance boss on my balance wizard, it's scary.

you think you're going to hydra, then they cast an elemental shield.
then you try to judgement, they weakness.

now, if have an ice enemy... please help me. i don't like towers.