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Money a Problem Or Not?

Jun 21, 2010
A bunch of people have been complaining that everything you need/want on this game adds up to way to much money. The only thing I see you needing to spend money on this game is the subscriptions. My family pools pocket money to get them and we buy giftcards to get them because you get the pets. It cost about a dollar extra with tax for a 1 month subscription but you can sell the pet or give it to other accounts. Beyond that I do not see why you need a bunch of crowns. There are ways to make money to buy what you want without needing crowns. Here are my ways to. I am going to use an example of wanting a mount for these tips.
A mount normally cost about 90000 gold.
My Top Ways to Get Money
1. Beat the Gurtok Deamon or the Scargiver (in Dragonspyre) and sell the special boss items you get from them. If you beat them a few times a day you can get lots of gold. Sometimes as much as 5000! If you get that once a day you can get a full priced mount in about 3 weeks. This does not mean you have to spend your life beating these enemies. Just play for about an hour.

2. Play the Tree of Life (I have only played it once with my friend) This can make you a lot of money to.

3. Try Crafting Items. Crafting can make you lots of money especially if you find the reagents and not buy them. For a minute cooldown you can make 500 gold sometimes in about 10 minutes give or take a few minutes. (This works depending on what item you are making ect) Treasure Card Crafting, House Crafting, Clothing Crafting it dosen't matter you will still make money.

4. It may seem like a stupid tip but do not waste your money. Don't buy a new wand when you can get one. Try to wear clothes you get from bosses and do not buy any. This can make a big difference.

5. Use your brain when choosing spells and schools. My main character is a diviner (storm) and all their spells only have 70% accuracy so instead of making fire my secondary school (which I wanted to) I made life mine (life has a 90% accuracy rating). I had very powerful attacks (from storm) and then I could heal myself for a deadly combination. I could also heal my allies and that is why i didn't learn death. What I mean by this tip is that learning a bunch of inaccurate spells will make you lose and not level up or get drops.

6. Play the minigames. They restore mana for free and you can earn money. If you are good enough at a game you can get a lot of gold and some very rare clothing. This clothing can be sold or worn and your current clothing could be sold for more money.

These are just my tips you do not need to follow them but they can make you a lot of money. Also sometimes you will need to make some sacrafices and decide to buy that mount which is on sale for 40,000 gold and not the other one for 90,000.

Jun 07, 2010
Good tips you got their. May I also add.. If you have access to a Grand, by now most people already have atleast 1 toon that is a grand, or close to it, well of course unless you just started, then obviously you do not.

When Celestia comes out, I sure hope the tower is still in Marleybone. That tower, although you do not have to complete it for Celestia. That tower is a gold mine. If you do a couple of floors a-day and get drops on wayfinder gear, and such, you can sell the stuff at the Bazaar for a good amount of gold per piece.

You would have enough gold for every mount and house there is and then some. Just farming there everyday. Now only if training points where bought back by gold, We would be sitting pretty.

May 28, 2009
I really want a DS Grandfortress house. But is too much money. I need 50000 golds. :(

Jun 21, 2010
thanks Drifter i dont have a grandmaster and it is probably gonna take me a while to get one

I see now need for a house though i have one but it is the basic one you buy in wizard city. The only thing i use mine for is to store items from conquest so i cannot help you on getting a castle but i guess follow my previous tips and dirfter's

Jun 19, 2009
great tips.but when ever i want a mount i go to unicron way and fight a boss until i get a 1 day mount drop it is'nt time consuming and you get it for free but it's a pain to go there and fight 7 times so i don't get them anymore.

coyleghosthammer level45 master necromancer(working on crystal grove)
ericcrowhunter level19 journeyman sorcere(working on hall of champions)
taylorgoldenshield level19 journeyman diviner(working on grand area)

Mar 11, 2010
I bought the smallest pile of Crowns just in case I find myself in over my head and need a Henchman.
I soloed Big Ben. :D At the last battle, I kept fizzling and well there you go.

I agree with your points here, and gold is the way to go. It makes the game far more interesting and worthwhile if you rely on drops and working for your wealth.
In my ever so humble opinion, buying your way through the game would make it very dull indeed.

Jun 21, 2010
it may be a difference of opinion but i would just prefer working 2 weeks and getting a permanent mount then working 2 weeks for for a 1 day mount every day but you can buy much more with these tips. anything you want. my friend followed these tips as a test before i posted them. he used a new chararcter to do it and he used a storm wizard with life as his secondary which is what my wizard is and he successfully now has a ton of gold. Like thoughsands. he has like 2 mounts 3 castles all with top furniture and a bunch of advanced pets. he only worked about about a month on it and he was rich. he also played about 2 hours a day occasionally 3 which is way too much for me but he still has all that. that wizard is now his favorite wizard and it is like level 30 now.