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Minotaur strategy

Apr 18, 2009
I just got the myth minotaur spell, but I don't understand how it works with blades, traps, and shields. It hits for I think 45 or 50 myth damage then another 445 or 450 myth damage(can't remember the exact damage). I want to maximize the damage it does, so since it hits twice instead of once how do I properly use traps and blades?

Dec 31, 2008
The purpose of the initial hit is to remove shields, but you are right that it removes traps as well. A single blade will boost both hits, so no need to worry there. That is why blades are more useful with multi-hit spells than traps are.

For traps, you can put on two identical traps, and then each hit will use one of them. If you put on two different traps (regular and treasure card, or hex and curse, or myth trap and spirit trap, etc.) then they will both get used on the first hit and none left over for the second. I try to get two myth traps on before a minotaur, but it's not always possible.