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Minions vs Henchmen

Jul 30, 2012
I guess its a noobie question...

I have never used henchmen because I'm a cheepo wizard. And I just started a Myth wizard for my first time. My death wizard had a minion spell that I quickly learned to never use.

How do Minions compare to Henchmen? Are minions pretty good or do henchmen far exceed them. I don't see minions used much in 2nd arc worlds.

Oct 21, 2010
Well, I wouldn't say its a noobie question, and I'm actually surprised I havent seen it before!! Minions are usually for use at the beginning of the game only for schools that aren't Myth, because later on, Minions are easily killed in battle. Minions also tend to have lower rank spells that consist of blades, traps, and 4 pip and below spells. Henchman are available in all schools, and at different ranks (and prices) and have higher rank spells, health and skills, making them better for higher worlds, and tough bosses.

In Other Words, Minions Are For Low Levels, Henchmen For Tougher Things

Hope This Helps

Julia DragonLeaf-Level 87 Ice

Megan DragonLeaf-Level 26 Storm

"The Best Things In Life Are Free, But Wizard101 Begs To Differ!"

Sep 09, 2012
Both together are the way to go for example I have a minotaur minion and a lvl 60 life henchman and I win my battle!
Emma Emaraldsword, lvl 40 conjurer

Aug 23, 2012
Well, minions are just spells you use to call that particular creature to do your bidding. A henchman can range from 20 to 90 level and have a higher range of spells than minions will ever have. I stopped using my minions on all my wizards after Dragonspyre because my spells I was gaining were more powerful than what my minion has. I use henchmen only for the level 58 spell quest and to battle Mithraya in Trial of Spheres. Henchmen are not incredibly expensive but if you use them enough you can find your crowns going down quite well sooner or later so use them sparingly and only if you really need them. Only problem with minions is that after a boss exceeds level 8 the minions are not very effective allies.

Jan 18, 2011
Minnions are for free, Henchem are more powerful depending on there level, there both pretty good. Myths get stonger ones than other minnions and death's minnons health and rank depends on the player's pips. Though I don't like to use both of them sometimes, besides the healing henchmens, because they use up me traps.

Jan 11, 2012
Any minion that gets stronger the more pips you pay to it are worth using beyond Celestia or Marleybone. Fire minion is pretty useless, as an example. If they allowed leveling up of minions or at least upgrading, that might change, but alas, there's no word on that as of yet