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Mar 07, 2009
I started a new myth character on my other account. I like him a lot :) Mininions are great so far...even the little golem one.
Still though, making the henchmen to me was a bad idea. Not saying make minions equal to players. Just have a bit more...not sure what you call it but making the minions a little better instead of using henchmen. Plenty of crown items. I've written this before many times...after time...after time. KI should have put more into minions then making henchmen.
Well? Personally, I like to summon a minion, that I earned through questing, and have it be helpful just as the henchmen are. Especially as you go up in levels, you want your minion to as well. So it can keep helping you.

Aug 12, 2009
If you ask me both minions and henchmen are bad, in general. Both really get in the way more than help, especially at higher levels where you use a lot of traps and such. I don't think minions should cast attack spells from the same school as the summoner....this always leads to problems. Even out of school attacks are questionable at times as many people use Feint and other traps that can be destroyed by using ANY spell.

With henchmen they should be given their opposite class wands so they don't break their own traps if they use their wands. And, really, I wish they would never use their wand spells becasue those often mess up your own set-ups as well.

The Life henchman waits until you are nearly ded to even think about healing you, and the balance one dies really quick and does nothing that you would want a balance henchman to do; like actually help you out by setting traps and giving blades....you are lucky if he or she does even one of these things once during a battle.

The Life minion still pays way too much attention to herself with healing herself instead of her wizard summoner. But my biggest complaint on her is that she even attempts to attack with that weak Imp spell. And the Life minion costs 4 pips, you don't have a choice with her like you do with some myth minions...it's always 4 pips, which is more than most other minions, not including higher Death minions. For 4 pips, which is a lot of pips when you do first get her and are not getting power pips as often, you would think she would be more helpful and less destructive. She is really good at destroying a trap set-up with that weak Imp spell. And as long as it can take in a battle soloing with Life; the last thing you need is a even weaker spell breaking your set-up.

In my book; the most well-done minions are Myth's Minotaur and Storm's Water Elemental Minions, though neither are perfect either. At least these minions mostly stay out of your way and do more taking damage for you than they do any attacking. When they do attack it's not always good, though, and for the same reasons mentioned; they can break traps. With storm, though, at least the minion's attack is always death and that is only becasue it's trying to heal itself, though it's not too smart when it does that to the ONE death creature that you might be fighting, instead of choosing a non-death creature to leech from.

Been a while since I did Myth, I deleted my old Myth wizard because I had no use for her later on and really, later on Myth is not a fun wizard to play once you hit Dragonspyre(it's a nightmare to try and solo with one of those,) so I can't remember everything the minotaur did as far as casting spells, though I want to say he used some storm magic, which was fine, save for when fighting Storm...lol.

But it's when they cast those in-class, same-school spells that the minions are really awful. I don't think most minions are useful past Mooshu, and some of them are not even useful that far up. I have been running a second Life wizard and I already gave up(again(meaning I gave up on her the first time I had a Life too)) on the minion, and she hasn't made another appearance since I left Krokotopia with her. And this past time I even gave her more chance to show me that she was useful, but she just isn't and I really believe she makes battles last even longer by first having to save up that many pips to summon her, and then to get her and then she destroys all your traps!

If someone wants to buy a henchmen; then so be it. But I think it's a waste of money. What I don't get are people who summon henchmen into regular street battles.....that seems like a huge waste of real money, and really; can you not fight a regular street battle on your own or with your minion and without paying KI money for one of these?...or is it just some weird way of showing off? Either way, I wish when people join battles, which I hate when they do and don't ask anyway, that they would not go buying a henchman in the battle they joined, because it will probably come in and mess everything up anyway.

Feb 22, 2009
Please Devs, remove the IMP SPELL form the Pixie Minion, it have low damage and destroy ALL THE LIFE TRAPS, isnt annoying too much 4 pips to summon her?