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Minigames questions

Jun 26, 2009
I was passing some time with a new wizard and found I could get some pretty good money, especially for a new wizard at the minigames. Plus I was having some fun trying to out score my daughter.

While playing I suddenly noticed I was not making any more money?

Are you limited to how much you make?

If I start playing the next day I notice I make money again for a while then it stops again.

All things being equal, I make about the same level every game, why does it stop and start?

Does it reset in the morning or only when the server is reset?

Mar 12, 2009
Humm, i'm not exactly sure, but the way it sounds and looks is that basically every time you score you get money, so maybe when you reach that score it gives you less or none until you get higher again, so lets say i get a score of 1000, maybe you need to make a higher score like 1500 to get more money, kinda like its remembering your score and you have to get it higher each time for the money to continue to come in. But i'm not sure if thats the reason or not just the way it seems.

May 06, 2009
Well first off I personally don't play these mini games to "make" gold, I do them to refill my potion bottles, so normally I haven't run into this. Well until wednesday night, when I solo'd my way through counter weight east, west, and big ben. I just used a potion after ever battle to help speed up the fights. ANYWAYS I ran into not getting coin I think it was during big ben, it might have been counter weight west don't remember exactly.

Personally I think this is very lame, I mean it isn't like you make alot of gold doing these games. In the same amount of time that I did this game I could have killed some monsters for more gold and a chance at an item that gives more gold.

As to reset, I "believe" it resets the next day. I could be wrong, since I wasn't really paying close attention to it.