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Membership or crowns?

Jan 31, 2016
I am in Mooshu right now and i've gotten there using crowns so should i continue with crowns or get a membership which one is better and easier because all i plan on doing with the crowns is getting through places but it is expensive and membership might be quicker and easierso what should i do?

Jun 26, 2009
Purchasing areas can be very handy. I do it so that if/when my membership ends I can still farm for things I need. I own waterworks, darkmoor, all of wizard city most of krok and a smattering of other worlds. However membership is best hands down. Even more now with member benefits.

Get a few staple areas so you can still play if/when your membership happens to end, but get a membership.

Dec 15, 2009
I bought all the way up to Zafaria with crowns. Then I decided to do a one year membership. When I bought the year membership, I was happy because it was gong to end in a long while, But now since it ends in 2 months, I feel sad cuz I could have bought 60,000 crowns to buy my way up to Polaris and buy the whole game (not including aquila) and I wouldn't have to worry. I feel crowns would be best in the long run.

Oct 26, 2010
Membership, I don't know why people buy areas with crowns, it's a serious ripoff.