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Membership after unsubscribing?

Mar 20, 2009
I started playing just over a month ago. In a few days I was at the end of the trial so I got a $10 subscription to make sure I would still like the game. When it was time to renew I was at level 39 so I kept it on the $10 membership.

My question is, after I make it to the end of the game can I unsubscribe and wait until a new world comes out to renew my subscription? I will only have access to the trial areas but will I lose my levels and gear?

Thank you for your help

Erin Griffinheart

After you unsubscribe, you will be able to access the free to play areas, and any areas that you may have purchased with Crowns while you were not a subscriber.

If you log back in after your subscription expires you will find yourself back in Ravenwood. All your equipment, levels, experience, and quests will stay with you. We'd never take that away. And I'll even make sure all your pets are well taken care of while you're gone.

Hope that answers your question, and our students are always welcome to return to Ravenwood School of Magical Arts at any time.

See you (back) in Wizard City!