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May-cast multicast

Dec 11, 2008
So I bought the wand in the Crown Shop the other day and been trying to get it to trigger.
I have got it to do it once but that is when I used the Wand Attack (And that was after a LOT of spells).
Does anyone have any more info on this I tried to look it up on Wiki and Duelist101 but so far I cant find any info.
I just hope its not only for the Wand Attack if so then I just wasted a lot of Crowns and go back to my old wand lol
If I do get it to trigger off of some other spell ill post here with an update


The maycast multi-cast will only affect the wand strike spell, not any other spells.

Apr 06, 2012
Sadly only triggers wand attacks I used my birth day crowns on it and well I only get crowns in my birth day I went back to my old wand