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Maximum Damage

Aug 16, 2010
I've always wondered what the maximum amount of damage possible from a single spell is. So today I decided to figure it out and did some research on the wiki.

I figured storm would do the most against a myth creature. I was not able to find the exact boost percentage on a high level myth creature, so if anyone knows, feel free to include the damage increase below. Looking through all storm spells, storm hound does the most when the wizards has 14 pips (7 power pips) for a base damage of 2095, with Colossal. Looking into damage boost from gear and pets I found the maximum to be 98 percent boost. Keep in mind the wiki does not have all armor items on it so if this is more please correct me.

Then for blades: Storm blade, balance blade, dragonblade, blade storm, and elemental blade. a regular and sharpened version of each. Dragon blade is only available through pet or gear and I beleive there are two versions. Both are included. Traps now: storm trap, windstrom, hex, elemental trap, curse, and feint. With prisms you can also include the myth traps: Myth trap and spirit trap. you can keep damage as myth or convert it back to storm depending on what creature you're facing. Then a critical with no block to round out our multipliers.

The actual total maybe more or less than this, I may have missed certian spells or misscalculated. The grand total between all three rounds of DOT is 41,154,009.8. Again this is likley not the true amount of damage as I probably left some spells out, chose the wrong armor, or messed up my math. Please correct any mistakes so that we may come closer to the true maximum amount of damage.

EDIT: I forgot to mentiopn I did include galvanic field, a trap for a damaging spell, darkwind, and the potent trap versions of each of the trap spells. I also realized that DOT is a little tricky with traps so you could either lower the base damage to that of storm owl or do blades, divide by three, add traps, and then multiply by three. Depends on how you look at it. I also forgot to include a 14 pip super charge, bringing the original to 98,769,623.52 Nearly a hundred million. Insane!

Sep 17, 2012
Damage for Storm goes well over 98 and you forgot a lot blades. Dragonblades also come in TC. Pet, Item and TC sharp can also be stacked on top of trained sharp. Supercharge and all the other versions of it possible allow for +140, +150, +150, +150, and +168. There's also Potent, Item Potent and TC Potent on feints and traps. It's much higher than you calculated I think. It's all a bit moot though since you max out at a million and that can be done with a wand.

Sep 19, 2013
Not even close.
You didn't factor in TC use, or potent trap, or for that matter Supercharge. I could stack on 4 different kinds of supercharge pretty easily, regular, sharpened, amulet, and TC. Death also has Curse and Dark Pact, so that's even more. I think somebody calculated everything possible and got something in the quintillions.
P.S. Max damage for storm is more than 98.

Jan 27, 2012
Well im too lazy to get your number, but your damage boost from gear and pets is wrong. I've seen 112, but I read somewhere that its 144 with Tartarus gear. So lets say 112 because 144 seems to be too much. Change your damage to 112, add 40% for boost against a boss, and remember there potent trap. I didnt see you include that.

Dec 14, 2009
This reminds me of an old Styx song, "Too much time on my hands".

Mar 27, 2011
It can go much higher than that. Many storm wiz have over 130 damage boost, and stacking different enchanted blades and traps, and different versions of TC can give almost unlimited damage.