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Map Changes

Dec 21, 2010
I like to take screen shots of the maps after I complete all of the tasks. You changed them and I am not happy. I used to be able to take a screen shot of the characters and their names in the same picture. Now we have to click on the the pictures individually, and get the names one by one, plus my wand is now in the shot. Can't we have an option on how we want our screen shots? Please, go back to the old way. And why was it changed?

Also, I love some of the little pictures that go along with the quests. Would love KI to make entire maps of everything included in the quests, after we have completed them. Taking pictures during the whole quest is annoying. Trust my KI would do a better job than me. Thanks for listening.

Mar 12, 2010
Oh. I don't know. I "like" the changes on the maps. They don't seem as cluttered and busy now, especially the ones in The Oasis, and Krokotopia, and Regent's Square, and Marleybone. I think it is a huge improvement (even though they did forget poor Eloise's name on some of the tags). Great job!