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Make More Use of Stun Resistance

May 06, 2009
Stun Resistance is a very unused and undermined stat. It can only be aquired through PvP gear (which not everyone does), Pet talents, which only a few pets hold, and Crowns gear (which not everyone has the means to get). It short, I find Stun Resistance's limited accessability so tight, its existance is almost pointless. On the other hand, you have it's sister-stat Pierce, being exploited in almost every field of high level gear. You can find it in PvP Gear, Crafted Gear, Crowns Gear, Dropped Gear. What's up with that? I don't like that KI has main this stat that has the potential to be just as useful as Pierce, Critical, Block and all these advanced stats, and not use it. I think KI should have Stun Resistance gain a little more attention in all areas of accessibility.

If Stuns are not limited to the PvP arena and are found just as much in PvE, then Stun Resistance, which defends against Stuns, shouldn't be. I would suggest that, like Pierce and Critical&Critical Block, KI slowly add more Stun Resistance stats to dropped or crafted gear in future content. They don't have to make another Aquila (though that would be nice), but just make Stun Resistance more emphasised in all combat.

KI has said that they are trying to make combat faster, right? Stuns cause a Wizard to loose a round of action and thus can prolong a battle. Stun Resistance can stop a stun from happening, and thus give a Wizard that opportunity to strike. For example, say a Wizard is battling a Myth Boss who only has 100 Heath left and can go first. The Wizard has a spell that can defeat the Myth boss. The boss casts Stun in which the Wizard can not cast that spell. This adds another round to a nearly finished battle. If the Wizard has easily accessible Stun Resistance, then the Wizard could have a chance at resisting the Stun and resume his/her plan.

I don't think Stun Resistance needs to be a very high set stat. As time goes by, I would suggest capping it off at 40-50% so that Stuns don't become the object of obliteration. If Stun Resistance in dropped or crafted gear stayed close to 40-50% then stuns have a 50/50 or 60/40 percent chance of working which still makes them useful to schools like Fire, Myth, and Ice.

KI shouldn't make stats that don't get to have much use. Stun Resistance is just one of them, but whose to say future stats have little use as well? KI should consider adding Stun Resistance to more dropped or crafted gear to give it more use and not remain a dusty tool on the self.

Thank you for your consideration.

Jul 03, 2010
Altho I can see your point I am not sure how valid it is.

Currently as we level our wizards though the game gear becomes a huge problem, availability to all is limited. We must farm or craft or both to maintain somewhat usable stats to get us by. I have found too many wizards in my travels that don't do either or they try so many times and fail that they just give it up. Adding another stat may not benefit us to have to try to work into the mix either. I know I have problems working certain stats into gear as it is. It always seems you must trade off stats for other stats. Clearly Stun Block can be obtained from Diego for a training point and later Conviction can fill in.

As for stuns in general the only one I see as a big disadvantage is Medusa since your wizard is stuck in place for 2 full rounds, that to me is just silly.

Shortening up battles is a whole nother can of worms. This works for some but not for all. I personally after a certain point in the game am just a robot. Calculate damage needed in current world, then, these are the cards I use for mob fights, these are the ones for boss fights - add converts as needed, rinse and repeat. By the time I get to Azteca I am really bored of it all and usually start a new wizard some where between the Lake in Avalon and the Lake in Azteca. I also have old gear on and a not as helpful as most pet at my side. I am not being defeated I am just slogging my way along = clawing one may say. It becomes less about story and becomes just get that battle done so I can push on.

If KI really wanted battles to shorten up better gear would be available by all rather then just the lucky. And there you have it - If there is a stat added to gear I would vote for Luck, something that ups my odds of that precious drop as I repeat an instance for the 100th time.