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Lvl40 quest help from Merle Amrose!

Nov 08, 2009
Ok, so i just leveled up to lvl 40 and i got a message from Merle Ambrose saying that he had an urgent message from me or something like that, and it was for Grizzleheim. So i marked my place in DS and ported to WC, so i went to Merle Ambrose and i tried to talk to him but nothing had occured and also to put in.. i got a message from moolinda woo stating 'hmm, it seems you have been studying, come see me for a new task' and a message from this dude i forgot his name but he's like 'hi my name is ____, come see me!' i think hes the guy who talks about the houses. But anyway i went to moolinda woo on my way to see Merle Ambrose and she had nothing for me also, i didnt bother checking with the guy because i already have a house, but please help me! i heard that this gives the poral access to Ravenscar in Grizzleheim and i need my yardbirds from there! lol!
Please please help! :):
-Autumn Sparklehaven lvl 40 Life Wizard

Feb 15, 2010
well dont take much advice from me but if merle ambrose contacted you for nothing then read the problems it will tell you what to do from there

Feb 28, 2010
sometimes this happens its just a bug or something.i dont know why this happens but it happens to alot of players.

Feb 18, 2009
Um actually I can acess Ravenscar from Grizzleheim and I didnt get anything from Merle Ambrose.

Keep doing quests XD

Feb 22, 2009
I think I know why this happened:
You see, different areas of Grizzleheim are for different levels. Saverstad Pass is for levels 20+. Same with Vigrid Roughlands. Mirkholm Keep is for levels 30+. Same with Frostholm. When you get to level 30 you get a message from Ambrose to go to Grizzleheim, since now you can go to Mirkholm. When you get to level 40, then you see the king and go to Ravenscar. At level 40 you get a tip to go back to Grizzleheim. That is probably what the tip you got was about.

May 22, 2010
Well its probably a bug. Bugs happen alot in this game, so try again after a day or so. If it still doesn't shwo up, contact the wizard faculty, maybe that will help. :D