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lvl 58 balance boss

Jan 22, 2009
is it supposed to cheat that much? and you dont even get friends to help you? its just frustrating because i cant get it. is there a certain strategy? if so please reply

May 20, 2010
Helios uses Fire spells, as does the minion. Neither has a damage over time spell (i.e. Heckhound).

Helios cheats by casting Hex on you whenever you use a ward or charm.

Go to the Bazaar and buy about 10 Fire Shields. Get the 90% variety if they're available; otherwise get the 85% type.

The strategy is to keep a Fire Shield on yourself at all times. Helios will cast Hex on you, but that's a 30% boost to your 90% reduction. While this is going on, get rid of the minion. Then concentrate on Helios. Heal when needed.