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lvl 40 storm

Mar 22, 2009
hi all
i just hit lvl 40 and just want to know when looking to get new gear for him what stats should i try to aim for?

Jun 14, 2016
At this level, gear dropped from mobs or bought from the bazaar should suffice (as long as it's better than what you're wearing right now).

You should go for the Wintertusk crafted gear at level 56, then at level 60, farm Waterworks.

Good stats are:
  • School-specific damage (universal damage works, too, though I'm not sure why you'd want to cast off-school spells at this level)
  • Power Pip rate
  • Universal defense (in general you're not going to get this until WT crafting or WW)
  • Health (though not the most important)
  • Incoming Healing
  • Outgoing Healing (if you're life)

For clothes, aim for the trifecta of Health, Power%, and Damage% at this point. This type of gear is already hard to find in the bazaar, so you'll probably be getting this from a boss.

Bonus mana (from a ring or athame) is also a must, but you shouldn't need more than one piece of gear.

Later, critical and block ratings are going to be useful. Don't bother with anything except WT crafted or WW drops for this.

May 12, 2009
When my Storm was level 40, I had Zeus' gear on him with the Sky Iron Hasta. As for rings, athames, and amulets, I suggest just picking up the best stuff in the Bazaar.

Best of luck!