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Lost Lieutenant Quest

Sep 22, 2008
I have gone into the instance on Colossus Boulevard only once and made it all the way to the top floor. However, the wraith boss you fight there is completely rigged. Yes, he can summon three minions without pulling out a single pip, and sure his minions kill you in one shot with their meteor strike. These problems I can live with. However, I cannot stand for being ripped off by the same stupid boss every time. Honestly, he has only 1 pip for starters, and this allows him to use two straight meteors (750 a piece), or earthquakes (also 750) and still get an automatic three tower shields every turn! Of course he is supposed to be stronger, of course he;s supposed to be difficut, but he's even got some gigantic stats boost too! As listed earlier his attacks will take out 1/4 or more of your health PER SHOT. And I was actually 285 points away from actually beating the menace, when I used a Helephant. Sure there was a tower shield, but still, 625 halved is still over 300 and that was its minimum damage, PLUS I had my clothing boost, so i had this match won. But somehow, he only takes 268 points of damage, and while he has only one pip left, Earthquakes and Meteors me, therefore killing me! What is up with these! Did you wanna create a boss that could interrupt? That's fine, but at least do SOMETHING to make the fight a little more reasonable! Please!

Sep 19, 2008
I have to say that it appears from the consumer end that the Wizard 101 team is VERY poor at setting up balanced encounters. The Malistare and Tower bosses are good examples of this.

Please sit down and force your team to THINK about balance. Perhaps study WHY blizzard is so successful?

Seriously, the last boss is silly. It's VERY lazy coding (I'm a coder so I know) to throw out this boss the way they have. If they had taken the time these big bosses could add real excitement and challenge, instead they leave the players feeling cheated.

CONTENT and BALANCE guys our your very nice idea is gonna be toast. All this nickel and dime junk is just diluting your brand.

Jan 11, 2009
Here is what my sis (ice) me(balance) and another friend (storm) did. The first to times was a get to know you battle. Trying to figure him out kind of thing. Third time it was on like donkey kong. It really is easy. All you need to do is start to blade up (traps will not work). Have balance cast blades on him/herself and storm. Once the storm has his/her blades on use triton and wack him a good one. Oh no you say tower shield. Have no fear because your (ice) toon has his/her tower shield at the ready and steals it leaving a clear shot for a 7power pip judgement. End result. Dead boss. Put toon in this order Ice(most health) in the hotseat. Balance then Storm. At the end you do get a pretty nice ring as long as it is for your school:( Well hope this helps have fun and good luck.