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List of secondary spells?

May 02, 2009
I am fairly new to the game, I saw the commercial on the Saturday morning cartoons. I have been trying to decide on a good primary school, and figure out which secondary spells I want, etc.

I realize that there are some spells that you can only get via your schools quests, but then there are secondary spells that anyone can pick up if they just have the training points.

Is there any list anywhere of just the secondary spells? The non-specialized cards that anyone can pick up.

I think this would be very handy for us 'min - maxers' who like to number crunch and streamline our wizard to be the best they can.

Dec 02, 2008

The top list is from the main trainer, and to get one skill, you must get all the ones above it. The second list is skills that you can get by themselves, without any prerequisites. The third list is quest only. Change "Fire" to any other class in the link to get the analogous lists for other classes. Some details are missing for level 38 and 48 quest spells, but the rest are there.

Mar 10, 2009
Well my young Wizard and correct me someone if I am mistaken but as far as I know your secondary school spells are the ones you see on the list. your primary school will have spells not on the list but your seconday school pretty much follows the list.