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linked accounts?

Jul 05, 2008
do you have to subscribe on your linked accounts too? or is there some type of family plan? i'm a little confused and this needs mentioning!

Aug 27, 2008
Aug 11, 2008
that is the same question that I have. I have both my boys under my account, will I have to pay for 3 accounts or is there a family account that I only pay for 1 and we can all continue to play together and not be spending a whole bunch of $$ for all of us to play as a family?

Jun 23, 2008
Jul 05, 2008
if the link account feature isnt for family type accounts then what is its purpose?

May 28, 2008
Well I think the purpose is generally to allow for one billing account and so that the parent can set up the parental controls for the kids.

But, like others I'd like to see some sort of family plans. The $60 for the first year limited offer is nice, but that concerns me because it's almost as if KingsIsle doesn't think their game has longevity, otherwise they would offer subscriptions at $5.95/month.

Also as a suggestion, I think they should offer a small amount of Crowns renewing on a base subscription (...say 500) to make it interesting.

Aug 22, 2008
Seeing as this company has decided to go with both a monthly fee and a cash shop I'd assume to say you're going to have to pay $10 for each of your family members.

Aug 17, 2008
I can't get the system to let me upgrade any of our accounts let alone have linked accounts


May 29, 2008
The best way to find out is to go into your account panel and see for yourself. As far as I know, there is no option for family plans. The only discount on offer right now is the year subscription at 60$ (which is a steal IMO at half the price compared to month-to-month).

Give it time and support for suggestions. I'm sure a family friendly game will come up with something. :-D

Feb 26, 2009
Yes, there is a family acount plan. You still have to pay for all of the acounts on the family plan but instead of paying $9.95 per person for a one month subsciption, It's $6.95 per person on the family plan.

Hope this helps!

Feb 09, 2009
You don't HAVE to pay for each account on the family plan though. Each individual account on the plan is still an individual account. You can have paid and unpaid accounts on the same family plan. What the family plan does is give them all a discount each month. $6.95 a month instead of $9.95. Other than that they are still all individual accounts.

You don't share crowns or bank accounts between them, and they can't trade or share items.