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Limited housing

Jun 23, 2009
I recently discovered I can only own three castles/houses per character. If I want to buy another I have to sell one. Well, I like the three I have already. I have the MB,DS and KT mansions. I have a lot of MS objects so I went to buy the MS mansion when I found out about the 3 house limit.

Can anyone tell me what the reason is for limiting the number of houses per character? I can see not being able to own more than one of the same kind of house but I would like to be able to buy one of each.


Hunter Earthsong
Master Theurgist

Oct 16, 2008
The first one is server size. They have to track the position and rotation of every item in every house for every character for every user. Given that you can have 100 items per house, three per character, and six characters that means 1800 items they have to keep track of. They have I think 2 million accounts, let's say 10 percent are active, so 200,000. So a total possibility of 360,000,000 items. At around (in a mysql DB) 4k/item that's 1,440,000,000k = ~1,440,000M = 1440G = ~1Terabyte of disk space, just for the items in houses. You can see how quickly it adds up.

Jun 23, 2009
Thanks Arenlor for your reply. I'm not totally computer saavy but the issues you brought up do make sense.

I do have six different characters though. I'm wondering why I couldn't have, say, 10 mansions/houses with one character and limit the other characters to the point that say one or more, however many it would take, could not have any houses.

Does this make sense? Or, am I limited to a max number of combined houses from all characters? If I sold a house owned by another character would I then be able to buy the MS mansion for the character I tried for the other day?

I'd hate to sell another characters house only to find out that didn't work.

I have a total of 5 houses with all my characters. If the limit is per character then I could own a total of 18 houses all characters combined. So if I were allowed to have say, 10 houses for one character that would leave me 8 to spread around the other characters.

Thanks for your help.


May 29, 2009
Each character can own three houses plus their dorm. So if you have 6 characters that would give you a total of 18 houses combined. You cannot share or trade your houses to other characters on your account.

Beware that if you sell your houses you will get minimal gold. One of my houses cost 20.000 and will only fetch 2100 gold if I choose to sell.

Make sure that you choose wisely when you buy a house since it takes a long time to earn that gold. If you are not sure which one you may want you can check out the Wizard 101 test realm. Right now they are testing housing previews so you can walk through the houses before you make your decision.

Alura Hexcaster Master Sorceress