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Life's spells Fair or Snare? Opinons and Tips

Aug 10, 2011
Are you asking if i think Life Spells are fair? (Forgive me if i got the question wrong and just tell me if i got it wrong and i will edit my Post to fit)

Well, yes. I think Life Spells are fair, and that's coming from a Theurgist.

Feb 29, 2012
cj090994 wrote:
Any thoughts on Life?

If you get unlucky enough to face a Life wizard is the PvP, always go for them. If you have one on your team, protect them. It makes things much easier.

Jul 03, 2010
Altho my fav is Life it's snare - only all around spell at level 58 makes the game a slow go until then.

Jan 19, 2009
Allow me to explain: I posted and created this thread (is it called that?) to see opinions and tips on life. I myself am a Theurgist (I love it by the way)
and I have heard so many negatives on life from other students both in game and online.

This was just to eliminate the biases and stereotypes and actually hear opinions and facts, I think Life is fair but some may disagree... :(

Jan 24, 2010
Life was my first school of magic in the Great Spiral. Iridian taught me a great deal about how to grow and thrive in the game. I have an excellent balance of damage/heal/power pip boosts, so I keep a heal at hand even when I go for a Colossal Seraph or Nature's Wrath, so that I'm always ready to help a friend in need. Hehe, with 2 blades and no critical, I can hit either of these spells at close to 2000 damage :) Pretty good return for 4 pips :)

IMHO, my life wizard is one of the 2 best I have, fire being my second favorite wizard.

Oh, and Theurgy is the only school that sings a spell into being, the only non-coercive school of magic. Look it up :) Moolinda Wu has the whole story.

Warmest Regards, One Theurgist to Another,

Qbb/Iridian Shadowweaver, Knight Errant, Theurgist

Jan 19, 2009
Just a tip
True life wizards can heal in a pvp but don't forget to help protect them and their spritely minions :)