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Life Wizards vs. Life Bosses

Sep 07, 2011
Use prisms. Keep your deck small so you get them quickly. Equip a wand that does death damage in case you need to break a shield. Live vs Life should be one of the easiest fights in the game.

Jun 04, 2010
Peteroid69 on Apr 6, 2014 wrote:
don't Prisms only work for ONE spell? ... and one can't predict whether prism will come up... and one can only have so many Prism cards in a deck... so at best, one can use Prism seven times, and that is assuming they come up sooner than the damage spells that one wants to use them with...

i don't even equip Prisms for this reason.. too specific a reason to use and not reliable... and so far i am lethal against anything except life bosses... which i don't die to, i just sometimes can't kill...

i think the solution is to get others to help in these cases... which is what i did... and worked fine! :)
Prisms do only work for one spell, but since life is a single hitter school any way that is generally enough. In order to make it work, be sure to equip a death wand. What you will do is put as many copies of the prism in your deck as you can to increase the odds of it coming up. If you have reshuffle (even as a treasure card) then you can discard anything you don't immediately need that round to speed up your access to a prism and then reshuffle to get back all of your cards. Once you get a prism, put it on the boss.

If you manage to get it on before he puts on a death shield then you are golden because ward stack "first in last out". Basically that means if he casts a death shield after you put on a prism you will have effectively gotten "under" the shield because your attack remains life damage until it hits the prism. If he managed to get a death shield on before your prism, then that's where the death wand comes in. Make sure to wand off those death shields and then proceed to set up your attack.

Remember that life only has a blade and trap, so you'll want the spirit blade and trap and preferably some kind of feint (if you don't have it trained consider an amulet or treasure card). If feint isn't an option, then you can always try treasure versions of the spirit blade and trap to ramp up damage. If you get the timing right, you can actually use the spirit trap twice through your prism... in other words, spirit trap, prism, spirit trap. That can be tricky though because again if the boss throws up a death shield before you prism you have to wand it off. Hopefully this will give you the general idea though. Let me know if this makes sense.

Sep 19, 2013
Well, this seems to be a new height of foolishness...
Peteroid, you have pretty much two options here:
1. Try to hit through 80% resist with Life's not so great damage. (Have fun with that)
2. Use a prism and hit with Death damage to get a 50% boost. (Recommended)
If you don't want to use prisms, that's your choice. Pretty much EVERY OTHER wizard ever has used them and found them to be effective against your own school. If you aren't going to bother with them, I really doubt you will go much farther. It will only get harder from here; there will be less people and more difficult bosses. Trust me, prisms can and do work against bosses. Just make sure that your deck is not ridiculously bloated and put in max copies, and you should draw them pretty quickly. Then take them out of your boss deck for your next non-Life boss. (If you don't have a boss deck and a street deck, I strongly suggest you make one.) I feel your AoE pain as a Necromancer, I have to wait until level 48 to get Scarecrow, and the damage is even worse than Forest Lord. The trick to doing damage is bladestacking. Get an Enchanted Armament pet from Gladiator Dimachaerus in Olympus. Train it and get Pain Giver or Spell Proof, if not, just get a new one. Those sharpened blades are invaluable, as you can stack a regular blade with a sharpened one. Sharpened Lifeblade + Lifeblade + Sharpened Spirit Blade + Spirit Blade + Life Trap + Feint (train this, you need it, it rules) + Prism that gives damage a 50% boost = MASSIVE DAMAGE. If you really have a problem drawing prisms, find some Life Prism TC and fill up your sideboard. All you have to do is discard a card and click on "Draw". Boom. Instant Prism. I think I have given you pretty much all my strategies here, I hope you use them instead of trying to beat your head against 80% resist here.

Feb 07, 2011
Peteroid69 on Apr 6, 2014 wrote:
"point is, if i can do 5000 damage per enemy with a forest lord (without critical), then so can you."

chicken and egg problem... i am talking about what is needed to GET Forest Lord... :)

"you have the exact same tools available to you as everyone else. whether you use them or not is up to you, but your unwillingness to use them does not make any of it "unfair"."

first... i was making a personal value judgement and a commentary... not asking for advice.. though advice is always welcome! :)

yes i have the same tools... but there are so many combinations of tools (via deck construction) and ways to use them... don't confuse not doing it your way with doing it wrong! :)

as i said in my follow up post, i have already passed all but one of the 'problem' bosses i mentioned... so i must be doing something right! :)
Did you even read my reply?

This has nothing to do with "doing things my way", as you put it. This has to do with helping you become more efficient and the fact that it obviously is possible to get past these issues if you take the time to listen to the advice you are given.

I asked you what your deck/gear setup was, and you still haven't told me anything about how you play. In any case, it sounds like 1) your gear isn't up to par or 2) your deck needs work.

Von's standard mob deck~
(my life wizard is level 63, but I've been using the same setup since she was level 20)

1 trained lifeblade
1 lifeblade from gear
1 spirit blade
1 gargantuan
1 amplify
1 forest lord (which is available as a tc in the bazaar if you are under level 58)
1 reshuffle

Optional: 1 prism for each enemy if they are life.

For bosses:

Same as above, but with a few extra cards:

1 centaur
1 extra gargantuan
1 feint
1 life trap
1 spirit trap
1 fairy or satyr
2 extra reshuffle
1 extra prism if boss is life

Sideboard: lots of shatter and steal ward tc, plus a death wand (to get rid of those shields).

And yes, prisms are only good for one spell... which, provided you play your cards right, is all you should need to end the duel. But that's why you pack more than one, just in case. I like to pack 2 prisms: one for the AOE spell that takes out the minion, and another for solo hit on boss.


For gear, level 56 crafted or waterworks set are the best available. If you've never done crafting before, now would be a good time to start... I hate crafting, but the gear is worth the hours of torture.