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Life Wizards DO fizzle

Mar 05, 2010
I don't know if it's just my luck or what but man am I upset, not at the game itself but just in general.

I play a life wizard lvl 32 at the moment. I usually play with my boyfriend and when I do my deck consists of mostly heal cards and shields and maybe two attack cards in my deck for good measure. I like to make sure that at the end of the battle we both walk away with full health or near to it. That way we never have to worry about pots or finding red wisps or whatever and we can continue on with questing. On the rare occasions that I play by myself I of course switch my deck to have an adequate number of attack cards. I swear to you, no exaggeration, I seem to fizzle just as much as my storm wizard. There was one fight I had a couple days ago that I fizzled 4 times in one fight. I just got through a fight and fizzled 3 times with 90 % cards... I just don't get it. And this isn't just those two fights I fizzle almost every fight when I play by myself, on average 2 times a fight. Death to the fizzles! lol

Apr 03, 2009
It's pretty much just your luck. I've had off days, and ones where i've never fizzled. If you're really tired of it, use Keen Eye for 100% accuracy.I have a Life wizard who also does that for a while, but never fizzles the next. Just have fun, and if you're frustrated from the fizzles, take a break.

Hunter Unicornheart lvl 26 l life

May 22, 2009
Wow! You mean I am not the only Life wizard that has caught the fizzle flu. Over the last few months my fizzle rate has skyrocketed. There was even a few times I almost dyed my green clothes purple. Figured, if I was going to act like a storm wizard and fizzle so much I should look like one. Even a few of my friends who often quest with me has made comments about how much I have been fizzling.

Is there some sort of tonic I can take to cure myself of this bug? My poor Robe and Amulet centaurs tend to be the ones affected the most by my sickness.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 50 Life

May 24, 2009
Ummmm............. I think this is normal, it happens at time and you should know that life fizzles too like any other school! :P If you look at your attacking cards it says 90% not 100% :P, so it is normal to fizzle its just luck that you wont fizzle. I do have two life wizards and i admit it happened to them at times that they would fizzle more than usual. So i am just guessing you were not very lucky that day :D

Apr 03, 2009
Ithink theres a tonic for crowns that increases accuracy. Look in the crowns shop in "Potions" so look there.

Hunter UnicornHeart Lvl 26 life

Aug 15, 2009
My satyr card fizzles at least fifty percent of the time. That proves the ninety percent success counts for each time used and not cumulative.


Given that fizzles are a ten percent rarity and a person is pretty lucky to get a satyr card to fizzle.

If i can transfer those odds with the same chance of success to real life I would be one extremely lucky guy. I would be able to just imagine something sensible to happen and it would just happen :)

Then when people ask what i want to do when I graduate I could honestly say my job will be winning the lottery :) And buy a position with KI so I can sell tshirts that say fizzle happens making it the new nation wide mantra "my idea" and help the wonderful people at KI develop the Wild West sphere based on western tales and folklore :) :) :) my idea :) and help come out with so much cool stuff that ppl will say omg it will take till retirement before I can finish the game :)

Would be nice but nope that luck is stuck achieving a ten percent chance of fizzle over fifty percent of the time.

Jun 22, 2009
I have a Grandmaster in life and he fizzles SOOOOO MUCH, it's seriously 50% accuracy sometimes. I don't think that Rebirth has ever not fizzled, rofl.

It helps that you just take a break so you don't get mad (or beat up your computer ) or get burned out on the game :/.

Aug 29, 2009
During a battle one non-life wizard played a life spell and it fizzled, he couldn't believe he fizzled on a life spell. The GM with us said that took real talent to fizzle a life spell. My Life wizard shortly after that fizzled a life spell the other three wizard said now that takes talent for a life wizard to fizzle a life spell. It has become a running joke with us and every time a life wizard fizzles we say they are extremely talented. So fellow life wizards, when you fizzle you are showing everyone around you how extremely talented you are... :D

signed an extremely talented life wizard

Sep 08, 2008
Yea, it certainly seems that way. I fizzled a Satyr healing spell 3 times in a row. By dumb luck, I managed to stay alive with shields.

As a Myth wizard... I seem to fizzle at an incredible rate. It seems my pet's fizzle rate in battle is at 50% lol....