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Life mastery amulet deals

May 30, 2009
Sorry but can anyone tell me when will the life amulet be 50% off again? i mised out on the st. patricks day special and i really want to get it, i think 20$ for it is too much, so i think i will wait for the half off deal to come and i'm willing to save my crowns for that day, does anyone know when that will be? any helpful replies would be great

- Dragonwalker Lvl 77 Pyromancer

Jun 10, 2011
Usually only around St. Patrick's Day.
You're level 77, so you can try farming Water Works for one. The prospects are low, but it is possible.

Dec 08, 2012
One day, they had in the Ravenwood news on the Log In Screen about them having a blog on the Kingsisle Blog about how the Special Offers work so I will tell you what I've learned. The sales that Kingsisle makes are dependent on the profit they made on the sale and, most importantly, player feedback. They rely on Player Feedback a lot. If a lot of players loved the sale and a lot of them bought the item that was on sale, then Kingsisle will place the sale on again at a later date. Making a profit is everything to every business including Kingsisle so if enough people have bought the item that has got on sale, then you can know for sure that they'll do It again but it's up to Kingsisle to choose when they want to do it again. I'm sorry but no one can tell what sale Kingsisle will do and when they'll do it. Once again, the chance of a sale happening again is all based on the profit they made ($) and player feedback. As for Player Feedback, if they get a whole lot of positive comments and they gotten a good profit from it, then they will consider doing it again at some other point of time. No one knows when Kingsisle will do what sale at what point of time. Each unique sale comes at a date no one expects. I wish I knew when they are gonna do each sale but no one knows when they'll do a sale for a certain item. I hope you learned something about how sales work in Kingsisle and I hope my reply was helpful

Btw, it's $20, not 20$. Although it's said as "twenty dollars", the $ sign always goes in front of the number.