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Jun 16, 2009
so right now ive been playing this game for 2 weeks, I am a life student 858/65 mana level 11. I see peoepl in battle all the time with life points in the thousands that arent very many levels off from me, what are some ways that I can reach that? or is it purely by playing the game that it happens?


Aug 19, 2008
Some articles of clothing and equipment add life and/or mana points. By using different articles you can change your heath, mana, aim, etc.

Open your backpack and look at the hats. Hold your cursor over an item and it will show you the "advantages" of wearing that item.

You can also buy clothing and other stuff from Zeke if you have crowns.

Mar 18, 2009
It is usually clothing customization. Some will choose all HP, mana, attack, defense, or a combination of everything. If they are close in level, they probably have gear that is maxing their HP.

Dec 14, 2008
well they dont have to have good gear each school has a different life percentage and ice has the most life of all so it goes like this....

ice/ best life.... lowest damage medium accuracy
balance/ great life.... medium damage medium high accuracy
life-death/ good life for both..... medium low damage for life low damage for death(but it heals you) medium high accuracy for death high accuracy for life
myth-fire/ low life for both.... good damage for myth great damage for fire.... fire has low accuracy myth has medium accuracy
storm/ lowest life..... highest damage and lowest accuracy

oh yea and the gear also goes with this so ICE gear gives more stats in life boosts then STORM gear.... so their gear could be better.

Feb 14, 2009
it depends on wizard's types and what they are wearing

ice have the most health, storm have the least