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Lexicon Blade and Aureate band

Aug 15, 2012
I wanted the lexicon blade and aureate band for my death wizard but decided to farm on my higher level storm. I got both in one run but found out the they weren't tradeable. Are they really worth it to farm on my death?


Mar 13, 2014
After the Lexicon Blade, the next best death athame is probably Bear's Claw of Death. Which drops from Thellik Coldclaws in the Nastrond dungeon at the end of Wintertusk. You really should have one or the other. IMO the Lexicon blade is clearly superior.

As far as death rings go, the best alternate to the Aureate Band is probably the Black Spinel of Battle. The Black Spinel also comes from Wintertusk; according to the wiki it can be dropped by several Wintertusk bosses and mobs. IMO neither ring is clearly superior to the other; the Aureate Band is better on defense, while the Black Spinel of Battle is better on offense.

If your death wizard has not been through Wysteria keep in mind you have to complete most of Wysteria to farm Tower of the Helephant. Everyone needs to complete Wintertusk or you miss several spell quests, but Wysteria is only useful for a training point from the Zeke quest and farming TotH.

Bear's Claw of Death and Black Spinel of Battle are both level 56+, so you can potentially use them a little sooner than the Tower of the Helephant drops, as you can't enter TotH until level 60.