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leveling options?

May 24, 2009
ive been playing the game for about 4 weeks now and have leveld my necro up to 22 simply through quests. so i was wondering if there are any other methods of lvling such as grinding (fighting mob after mob after mob etc) or is questing the best way to go? feel free to offer any suggestions or methods that have worked for you in the past.

thx in advance

May 06, 2009
Basically you nailed on the head both of the leveling options open to anyone. Personally I wouldn't bother grinding mobs unless you are working on a specific badge because the amount of xp you get via quests is HUGE compaired to the amount of xp you get killing stuff.

Dec 31, 2008
Once you get past about level 10, the quickest way to get XP and level up is to complete quests. Second best would be to revisit any instances you have already completed and do them a second time. The second time they give half the XP of the first time. After that they give zero.

If you just need a couple hundred XP or less, you can fight street mobs or bosses anywhere and collect the battle XP. You generally get 3 XP per point of mana used (even if you fizzle) plus 3 XP per zero pip spell. Find a place where you can fight solo (so you don't wait on other players' turns) and cast your spells as quick as you reasonably can.