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Level range of Grizzleheim?

Apr 15, 2009
From reading the Grizzleheim page, it sounds like Grizzleheim will span across all levels in the game, as in players will constantly find quests there from level 1 until 50. If so, does this mean the level cap and the end of the game is still the same?

Also, if the world does indeed span across all levels, how does KI think this will effect players already at 50? Or rather I guess my question is, are players going to enjoy Grizzleheim more by starting new wizards, or is it going to be beneficial to play there if already 50?

Also, looking forward to the wolves, great addition to Wizard 101 imo.

Nov 26, 2008
Yes i am wondering this to, i wouldn't like it if it was the same thing as the quest furnisher, i hope the quests just get added to use and not that we have to start ALL OVER to just go there.

Jun 22, 2008
I was worrying about that too. I didnt know if KI would give back all the lost xp after becoming a Grandmaster. They did it with housing, so I guess they are going to do it with xp.