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Level 80 death gear?

Oct 07, 2012
I'm level 83 and just got to Azteca! I don't know what gear to wear. I am I am willing to farm for drops. (If anyone can think of a good drop/gold death pet too that would help as well) Thanks!

Oct 22, 2011
Your best bet is to do a search for Wizard101 level 80 Death gear. There are several official fan sites out there that provide the information you need. Sorry, but this question is asked many many times, and it's time wizards learn to do the research on their own.

Jun 16, 2012
For now, use Waterworks gear, or the level 56 (i think) crafted gear from Wintertusk (If you have access to that). For your wand use the sky iron hasta and it gives +10% damage which is a guaranteed drop in Mount Olympus.I dunno what you should use for your ring, amulet and athame, but once you are level 90 farm Hades for his gear also

Oct 16, 2013
For your case, you may want to use the waterworks gear combined with crafted Wintertusk ring and athame. With either sky iron hasta or sword of kings. If you understand pets you may want to get a double damage proof, defying, fairy and socket a damage jewel.