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Level 60-70 Death Gear

Aug 09, 2012
So, on my death character, I was questing and I noticed how easy it was to defeat bosses in avalon. I thought it was because of my gear. I am a level 73 transcendent necromancer. I'll give you my gear, and maybe you guys can give input on what I could do to change it. I have:
- Hangman's Hood (Dropped from Luska Charmbeak)
- Hangman's Robe
- Hangman's Boots (Waterworks gear drops from Sylster Glowstorm)
- Sky Iron Hasta(Can't really find any good wands with critical)
- Raven's Onyx Talon (Wintertusk Athame, sold in Hrundle Fjord, gives +6% Death Damage)
- Shango's Deathblade Amulet (Zafaria Amulet, sold in Baobab Market, gives 1 Deathblade Item card (+45% to Next Death Damage or Death Steal spell)
- Calamitous Ring (Winterutsk Ring, sold in Hrundle Fjord, gives +6% Death Damage)
- Baby Mummy Cat (Pet, Dropped by someone in Zafaria, got super lucky with this one)
- Hand-Chased Nightmare Box(I have 2 of these, 1 set for mobs, and 1 set for bosses)

So, if you're a Necromancer, preferably at least Legendary, give me some input on this gear, and maybe what I could do to improve it. I don't have any talents on the Mummy Cat yet, I haven't trained it at all.

Oct 24, 2012
Hello! I'm a level 77 Necromancer, and I've been soloing Avalon. the thing is, I'm still using my ring and dirk from level 58ish, only because I have resist jewels on them.
I have my waterworks hat and boots, but I haven't yet got the robe, nor do I plan on it. I'm using Outsiders Grim Garb.
as for wand, try getting a level 70ish wand from the bazaar, mine has 37 critical.
as for soloing, Try to keep max vampires in your deck, and use those on the minion until it's defeated, and then blade up and use Frankie on the boss. Make sure you have colossal on Frankie though or it won't one shot.
My pet, is an ancient rain beetle that has double resists and an accuracy boost.
As for mob fights, use your amulet blade, regular blade, and Deer knight enhanced with colossal. Hope this helped.
~Wolf Blood,
Level 77 ,
Sword Saint~