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letting people port in celestia

Mar 18, 2010
moosy8 wrote:
i agre withe fire fan. when i was level 20, 10, or 5 i ported to my friends in mb or kt and probably you did too. so some people just annoy you or bother you. so what. thats life. if you want just remove them. it is no reason to restrict it to just grandmasters just because of one person annoying you

Just go to celestia even if people will want to port. You should let them port
even if they are lvl 1 or 20. By the way if you think people who just completed the warehouse will gain the spiral key to celestia , youre wrong.
Gamma specifically said due to community feedback these preveiw quests will not be required to gain access to celestia.

Nicholas Fire Master Pyromancer Level 46

Nicholas this is a problem. I really do understand what is annoying Drifter and others. I am saying porting is allowed by KI and a deliberate part of the game. Porting into a higher level world is not against TOS, exploiting the game (in a way to get one banned) or against the rules.

Paige Lotusblossom and I were talking. She got through to me what I think Drifter and others may want. They are correct about it being exploiting the game in a sense. I worked very hard to get to DS. Yet someone in Krok can port in and get the exact same rewards as I do. It may take away all the incentive to work hard to get there for some people. Why bother when you can port in and get that cool rare pet. For the record they are absolutely correct about that. Porting done by responsible people helping their friends it is not a problem. Porting done by irresponsible, rude and immature people it is a problem and it causes hard feelings. Sorry to you all for being so dense and not getting it sooner.

We think there are some things KI could do that would curb the problems Drifter and others are so annoyed by.
*Right now any level person can pick up any side quest in any world. Make so you can only get quests where you have the Spiral key to a world.
*Make it so lower level people get the same amount of XP per battle in any upper level world that they get where the hold the Spiral Key to a world. A little amount that won't help one level up faster than they would in their own world.
*Make any gold received the same amount as in the world they are currently questing.
*No cool drops from battles and bosses UNLESS you are currently questing in the world or have completed it.
*People can still port in and help their friends. But, the juiciest rewards have to reaped when you get to that world through the proper quest progression.

Megan Frostriver Grandmaster Theurgist
Megan Frostbringer Grandmaster Sorcerer

Dec 11, 2008
You all do know the chances of a lower level player being able to defeat a boss that is meant for someone who is at least level 48, right? The chance of that is incredibly slim.
I don't think they will be able to get the badges and drops from enemies without someone purposely helping them.

Flint Darkflame Grandmaster Pyromancer

Sep 01, 2009
SoxKid wrote:
i think the exact opposite, they should make celestia so no one under level 50 can port in. it would be totally unfair for the people that worked to get there, i think they should do the same with ds, only letting people who have access to that area to port

I disagree because i have a level 45 life who finished the warehouse and i should be aloud to port into the world i am work on. :) :) :) :)

Jul 18, 2009
murray327 wrote:
i think we should let people port to celestia who are like level forty and up cause then way to many people would be ticked.
well if people cannot port then who can help you or any one else like with other worlds i think that 38+ should be allowed to port

i am a grand diviner wild bolt and storm lord is fair lol jose windcrafter

Jun 07, 2010
The bottom line is, people like W101, do they not? People like questing, do they not? People like their Wizards, do they not? If you say no to any of these then W101 is not the right game for you.

I played all off the Spirial on three Wizards to grand, almost a fourth one by doing side quest, and even though it is people choice to do them or not, but I read a lot of post in the Boards of, Wheres this, How do I get that, How come I can not find this, How come this is'nt unlocked for me, Blah, blah. When everything is said and done, most of the time, you have to go back to do a side quest that you missed. To unlock other parts of it, Tis why Gamma says unlock by the PROGRESSION of QUESTS.

So why not just do them all, and save you the headache for later? That said, on my grands by leveling to the PROGRESSION of Quest, I was level 50, nearing the end of DS. Why be Atunned for Something, if we do not have? I bust my butt to get three grands, with no Piggy Backs from others. Why? because I played W101, as it was designed for.

If people like W101. as stated in the opening of this post, then Why not just level to 50, you love what you are doing, you enjoy the game, How come people think level 50 is to hard to get. If you done the quests as the game was designed too then you be 50 in the first place at the end of DS.

How are the kids gonna learn anything in life that nothing is for free when they get older, NOTHING. So if the kids advance through the game by piggy backing, they will never learn..

On person state how do go about this growing problem, and I back them all they way, it only makes sence to me, and I also know a few of other hardcore MMORPG's that do this, and it works perfectly for the lowbies that insist to Piggy Back on the Higher level players. Because these types of people feel like everything should be handed to them on a silver platter. Life does not work that way. Neither should W101.

Better yet why not KI just get rid of all their hard work and just let people start in DS at Level 50? Better yet remove every other area, in W101, and just let everybody play in DS farming bosses all day long, over and over. Oh and when Celestia goes live, how about KI gives all of the players in W101 a patch update, that will remove DS, and let everybody be 60 with no work what so ever, and every single player can be 60 level automaticly, and just play in Celestia 24/7/365 then everybody will be happy

I do not know about you's, but that would be one boring game to pay a sub for. Thats why there are quests, and that is why there is new worlds to unlock, that is why all the Wizards, have all kinds of spells, and thats why we have new spells to unlock per few levels. Thats why we have to do quests to be attuned with the Spirial key to unlock new worlds. All this combines makes a good MMO. This is why people are upset about the lowbies getting a free ride. this is not just me. It is lots that agree with me, because they see what I see, and my hat goes off to these people.